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date: 05 July 2022

Updates: September 2014free

Updates: September 2014free

New subjects

Acland, Sarah Angelina (1849–1930), photographer

Adrian, Richard William (1911x14–1963), boxer

Aglionby, William (1641–1705), diplomat and writer on art

Allin, John (1623–1683), nonconformist minister and alchemist

Ambler, Geoffrey Hill (1904–1978), inventor and air force officer

Archer, David Archer Alderson (1907–1971), bookseller and publisher

Arnold, Doris Grace (1904–1969), radio presenter and producer

Ashworth, Mary Howard, (1863–1928), businesswoman and official typist to the houses of parliament

Baines, Sir Frank (1877–1933), architect and architectural preservationist

Baxter, Sir (Arthur) Beverley (1891–1964), journalist

Berkeley, Norborne, fourth Baron de Botetourt (1717–1770), politician and colonial governor

Blanke, John (1507–1512), royal trumpeter

Blyton, Roland (d. in or after 1555), abbot of Rufford and of Rievaulx

Britain, William, junior (1859–1933), toy-soldier manufacturer

Britain, William, senior (1831–1907), toy manufacturer [see under Britain, William, junior (1859–1933)]

Britain, (Leslie) Dennis (1903–1996), toy manufacturer [see under Britain, William, junior (1859–1933)]

Brownlee, John (1868–1927), public health officer, geneticist, and medical statistician

Buchinger, Matthias (1674–1739), artist

Burn, James (1800x03–1889), autobiographer

Casson, Elizabeth (1881–1954), medical practitioner

Champney, Dorothy Conyers Nelson (1909–1968), racing motorist [see under Riley family (per. 1890–1969)]

Chatterton, Frederick Balsir (1834–1886), theatre manager

Chitqua (c. 1728–1796), clay figure portrait artist

Chubb, Sir Cecil Herbert Edward, first baronet (1876–1934), last private owner of Stonehenge and benefactor

Churchill, Arabella Spencer (1949–2007), festival and charity founder

Clayton, Ralph (1507/8–1553), Franciscan friar

Cowper, Edward (d. 1557), abbot of Rievaulx

Davies, Richard Bell (1886–1966), pilot and naval officer

Delaval, Sir Francis Blake (1727–1771), rake

Dent, William (d. 1546), abbot of St Mary's, York

Dunckerley, Thomas (1720?–1795), naval officer, royal impostor, and freemason

Dunnico, Sir (James) Herbert (1875–1953), Baptist minister and politician

Dunnico, Harriet Emma, Lady Dunnico (1877–1952), voluntary worker [see under Dunnico, Sir (James) Herbert (1875–1953)]

Eckenstein, Oscar Johannes Ludwig (1859–1921), mountaineer

Edwards, Dorothy (1902–1934), writer

Enthoven, (Augusta) Gabrielle Eden (1868–1950), theatre archivist and playwright

Ewart, (Katharine) Dorothea (1870–1956), historian [see under Vernon, Horace Middleton (1870–1951)]

Farrer, Dame Frances Margaret (1895–1977), public servant

Foster, (Frederic) Gordon (1921–2010), statistician

Fozard, John William (1928–1996), aeronautical engineer

Fragson, Harry (1869–1913), singer and songwriter

Frye, Katharine (1878–1959), suffragist and diarist

Fussell, Maria Mary (1834–1881), benefactress

Gamage, John of (d. 1306), abbot of Gloucester

Garnett, Eve Cynthia Ruth (1900–1991), children's writer and book illustrator

Gill, Leslie MacDonald [Max] (1884–1947), artist and decorative cartographer

Goldston, Thomas (1450?–1517), prior of Christ Church, Canterbury

Greville, David Robin Francis Guy, eighth earl of Warwick and eighth Earl Brooke (1934–1996), art and property divester [see under Greville, (Charles Guy) Fulke, seventh earl of Warwick and seventh Earl Brooke (1911–1984)]

Greville, (Charles Guy) Fulke, seventh earl of Warwick and seventh Earl Brooke (1911–1984), socialite and actor

Greville, George, second earl of Warwick and second Earl Brooke (1746–1816), art collector

Hannah, (Dorothy) Margaret (1922–1999), mathematician [see under Ambler, Geoffrey Hill (1904–1978)]

Harris, Sir Alan James (1916–2000), civil and structural engineer

Hatton, Brian (1887–1916), artist

Hill, Georgiana (1825–1903), cookery writer

Hill, Georgiana (1858–1924), historian and women's rights activist

Hollyband, Claudius (1534/5–1597), linguist and writer

Kinneir, (Richard) Jock (1917–1994), typographer and graphic designer

Leigh, Fred W. (1869–1924), lyricist and literary editor

Leveson, Sir Arthur Cavenagh (1868–1929), naval officer

MacPherson, Hector Carsewell (1851–1924), journalist and political campaigner

Medd, Mary Beaumont (1907–2005), architect and educationist

Medd, David Leslie (1917–2009), architect [see under Medd, Mary Beaumont (1907–2005)]

Midwinter, Kathleen Margaret [Kay] (1909–1995), first female clerk in the House of Commons and United Nations official

Mikes, George (1912–1987), writer and humorist

Millais, Sir Everett, second baronet (1856–1897), dog breeder and biomedical scientist

Monkman, Kenneth Mackay (1911–1998), book collector and restorer of Shandy Hall, Coxwold

Montalembert, Charles-René-Forbes de, comte de Montalembert in the French nobility (1810–1870), politician, orator, and writer

Montreuil, Jean de (1613/4–1651), diplomat

Moore, Isabella McAlpine (1894–1975), swimmer [see under Fletcher, Jane (1890–1968)]

Moreland, Samuel John (bap. 1828, d. 1924), match manufacturer

Napier, Sir Trevylyan Dacres Willes (1867–1920), naval officer

Newbould, Frank Parkinson (1887–1951), graphic artist

Norman, Frederick (1897–1968), German scholar

Norton, Doreen (1922–2007), geriatric nurse

Parnes, Laurence Maurice [Larry] (1929–1989), impresario

Petty, Florence (1870–1948), cookery writer and broadcaster

Pierce, Kate Edith (1873–1966), librarian

Pitman, Robert Percy (1924–1969), journalist and author

Poole, Henry George (1814–1876), tailor

Pratt, Edwin Augustus (1854–1922), journalist and author

Pretty, Edith May (1883–1942), landowner and benefactor

Pritchard, John Edward Maddock (1889–1921), air force officer [see under Maitland, Edward (1880–1921)]

Red Lady of Paviland (33,000 bc?), recipient of ceremonial burial

Richardson, Sir George Lloyd Reily (1847–1931), army officer and commander of the Ulster Volunteer Force

Riley family (1890–1969), bicycle and motor car manufacturers

Riley, William (1851–1944), bicycle and motor car manufacturer [see under Riley family (per. 1890–1969)]

Riley, (William) Victor (1876–1958), bicycle and motor car manufacturer [see under Riley family (per. 1890–1969)]

Riley, (William Herbert) Percy (1880–1941), bicycle and motor car manufacturer [see under Riley family (per. 1890–1969)]

Riley, Norah (1895–1984), company director [see under Riley family (per. 1890–1969)]

Roberts, Sir James, first baronet (1848–1935), mill owner and benefactor

Roberts, William (1912–2001), athlete

Rood, Theodoric (1480–1484?), printer

Rosenberg, Rose (1892–1966), political secretary

Sagar, Stephen (d. in or before 1551), abbot of Hailes

Saville, (Leonard) Malcolm (1901–1982), children's author

Simon, Henry (1835–1899), industrialist and inventor

Southgate, Walter Charles (1890–1986), political activist and co-founder of the National Museum of Labour History

Speirs, Annie Coupe (1889–1926), swimmer [see under Fletcher, Jane (1890–1968)]

Spithovius, Johannes (d. 1563), royal tutor and diplomat

Spoor, Benjamin Charles (1878–1928), politician

Stedman, Fabian (bap. 1640, d. 1713), bookseller and campanologist

Steer, Irene (1889–1977), swimmer [see under Fletcher, Jane (1890–1968)]

Stevenson, Dorothy Emily (1892–1974), novelist

Stokes, Ethel (1870–1944), record agent and preserver of local archives

Sutton, Robert (d. in or before 1457), dyer [see under Worcester Pilgrim (1450s?)]

Thorne, John (d. 1548?), bookseller and stationer

Towers, Thomas (1525), Premonstratensian canon

Tree, Iris (1897–1968), poet and actress

Tyrwhitt, (Mary) Jaqueline (1905–1983), town planner and educator

Vandeleur, John Ormsby Evelyn (1903–1988), soldier

Vernon, Horace Middleton (1870–1951), physiologist and industrial health specialist

Walker, George (1781–1856), artist

Watson, Andrew (1856–1921), footballer

White, Lydia Rogers (bap. 1760, d. 1827), literary hostess

Wilkinson, Norman (1878–1971), marine and poster artist and creator of dazzle camouflage

Willey, Basil (1897–1978), literary scholar

Winn, Godfrey Herbert (1906–1971), popular author and journalist

Wolff, Frederick Ferdinand (1910–1988), athlete and metal trader [see under Roberts, William (1912–2001)]

Worcester Pilgrim (1450s?), archaeological discovery

New features

Naval Officers of World War I

Statesmen of World War I