Women's History

Women across the globe have led remarkable lives since the beginning of time, and it is vital we commemorate these lives and legacies year-round. With almost 7,000 entries in the Oxford DNB for women alone, it is clear that there is no lack of women in history even if they are too often forgotten.

This year, the theme of Women’s History Month is Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence. Join us in celebrating the lives of women dedicated to promoting peace by clicking on the portraits and names below.

Champions of Peace & Nonviolence

Bennett, Louise [Louie] (1870–1956), suffragist, trade unionist, and pacifist

Cooke, Mary Lamley (1841–1916), peace campaigner

Courtney, Dame Kathleen D'Olier (1878–1974), suffragist and peace campaigner

Cusack, Margaret Anne [name in religion Mary Francis Clare; called the Nun of Kenmare] (1829–1899), founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace and writer

Fraser [née Jupp], Rhoda Mary Napier [pseud. Crae Ritchie] (1918–1970), communist and peace campaigner

Fry, (Anna) Ruth (1878–1962), pacifist and humanitarian

Lester, Muriel (1883–1968), peace campaigner and writer

Livingstone [née Stickney], Dame Adelaide Lord (c. 1881–1970), peace campaigner

Lonsdale [née Yardley], Dame Kathleen (1903–1971), crystallographer and pacifist

Moullin, Edith Ruth Mansell [née Edith Ruth Thomas] (1858/9–1941), suffragette and pacifist

Murrell, Hilda (1906–1984), environmentalist and peace campaigner

Peckover, Priscilla Hannah (1833–1931), peace campaigner

Playne, Caroline Elizabeth (1857–1948), pacifist and historian

Richardson [née Atkins], Anna (1806–1892), slavery abolitionist and peace campaigner

Robinson [née Wilkie], Annot Erskine [Annie] (1874–1925), suffragist and pacifist

Robinson, Ellen (1840–1912), peace campaigner

Salter [née Brown], Ada (1866–1942), socialist and pacifist

Schütze [née Raphael; other married name Mendl], (Gladys) Henrietta [pseud. Henrietta Leslie] (1884–1946), writer and pacifist

Snowden [née Annakin], Ethel (1881–1951), socialist, suffragist, and peace campaigner

Sturge, Sophia (1849–1936), peace campaigner

Walsh, Adela Constantia Mary Pankhurst (1885–1961), suffragette and pacifist