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George Best

Of these 60,000 people, more than 2000 have close ties to Northern Ireland—through families, education, work or residence.


Here you’ll find some famous (and some less familiar) individuals, including the footballer George Best (above), the car maker John DeLorean, and Arnold Thornely, architect of the Parliament Buildings at Stormont (below).
Then discover ‘who’s who’ in Northern Ireland by searching the Oxford DNB for people by place.

Sam Bell Marjorie Mowlam William Drummond John DeLorean


Sir Arnold Thornely Sir Charles Brett  William Nicolson

Alexander Higgins D'Arcy Wentworth Cahir Healy 

Cahal Brendan Daly Louis MacNiece Mary McCracken (Arthur) Joyce Cary


1. Who's who in Northern Irish history?

As well as looking for people by name, you can also search by place, for example:

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2. Local and family history in the Oxford DNB

Finding people in the Oxford DNB is easy.

  • to discover more Nothern Irish lives simply use the ‘place’ option on the People Search page. You can find people who were born, baptized, educated or resident in Northern Ireland (or elsewhere), or who died and were buried here. Search by county, city, town, village, church, and even street.
  • you can also search the ODNB’s 70 million words for places (e.g. Antrim). For this use Text Search.

3. Who else would you like to meet?

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