LGBTQ+ History

With over 60,000 biographies the Oxford DNB includes significant, influential or notorious figures who shaped British history. In this list, you can uncover the fascinating lives of twenty-three significant figures in British LGBTQ+ history. From modern icons like Freddie Mercury to the Two Ladies of Llangollen who ran away together in the 18th century.

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Ackland, Mary Kathleen Macrory- [pseud. Valentine Ackland] (1906–1969), poet

Ashton, Mark Christian (1960–1987), communist and gay activist

Blaney, Norah (1893–1983), pianist and revue artist, and Farrar, Gwendoline [Gwen] (1897–1944), cellist and revue artist

Britten, (Edward) Benjamin, Baron Britten (1913–1976)

Brooks [née Goddard], (Beatrice) Romaine Mary (1874–1970), painter and lesbian icon

Carpenter, Edward (1844–1929), campaigner for homosexual equality and socialist writer

Carstairs, Joe [formerly Marion Barbara] (1900–1993), heiress and motor-boat racing driver

Chapman, Graham (1941–1989), comedian and writer

Cooper, Emmanuel (1938–2012), potter, writer on craft and the arts, and advocate of gay rights

Ellis [née Lees], Edith Mary Oldham (1861–1916), writer, lecturer, and socialist

Fashanu, Justinus Soni [Justin] (1961–1998), first openly gay footballer

Forster [née Mackenzie], Jacqueline Moir [Jackie] (1926–1998), journalist and campaigner for homosexual rights

Horsfall, Allan (1927–2012), gay rights campaigner

Jarman, (Michael) Derek Elworthy (1942–1994), film-maker, painter, and campaigner for homosexual rights

The Ladies of Llangollen: Butler, Lady (Charlotte) Eleanor (1739–1829) and Ponsonby, Sarah (1755–1831)

Lister, Anne (1791–1840), diarist and traveller

McIntosh, Mary Susan (1936–2013), sociologist, feminist, and campaigner for gay rights

Mercury, Freddie [formerly Faroukh Bulsara] (1946–1991), singer and song-writer

Oliver, Kathlyn (1884–1953), feminist, founder of a trade union for domestic servants, and proponent of the right to love other women

Turing, Alan Mathison (1912–1954), mathematician and computer scientist

West, Victoria Mary [Vita] Sackville- (1892–1962), writer and gardener

Wilde, Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills (1854–1900), writer

Wright, Anthony Edgar Gartside [pseud. Antony Grey] (1927–2010), gay rights campaigner