Immunizers in the Oxford DNB

Inoculation and immunization are key factors in the maintenance of global public health. The figures behind the development of these life-saving inoculations are paramount contributors to the medical field, as well as the global community.

In honour of World Health Day and World Immunization Week, we are highlighting the lives of medical scientists who have advanced the field of immunization forward. Join us in celebrating the lives of these medical professionals who have saved countless lives with their contributions to the medical field by clicking on the portraits and names below.

Copeman Jenner Milstein Montagu Moore

Immunizers in the Oxford DNB

Adams, Joseph (1756–1818), physician

Aikin, Charles Rochemont (1775–1847), surgeon

Aldis, Sir Charles (1776–1863), surgeon

Almeida [née Hart], June Dalziel (1930–2007), virologist

Andrewes, Sir Christopher Howard (1896–1988), virologist

Boyd, Sir John Smith Knox (1891–1981), bacteriologist

Cantlie, Sir James (1851–1926), physician and medical administrator

Collier, Leslie Harold (1921–2011), virologist

Copeman, Sydney Arthur Monckton (1862–1947), medical scientist

Downie, Allan Watt (1901–1988), medical microbiologist

Gregory, George (1790–1853), physician and vaccinator

Jenner, Edward (1749–1823), surgeon and pioneer of smallpox vaccination

Leishman, Sir William Boog (1865–1926), bacteriologist and pathologist

Milstein, César (1927–2002), molecular biologist and immunologist

Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley [née Lady Mary Pierrepont] (bap.1689–1762), writer

Moore [later Carrick-Moore], James (1762–1860), surgeon and biographer

Walker, John (1759–1830), vaccinator and writer

Woodville, William (1752–1805), physician and botanist