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Nelson Boleyn Churchill Agar

As a valued contributor to the Oxford DNB, you are entitled to a discount on the Oxford DNB itself, and on other OUP titles. Please contact customer services for details.

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Terms and Conditions for all discounts

These discounts are offered to anyone who at the time of ordering is contracted to write, or has already contracted and written, one or more articles for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The offer is valid for an indefinite period, but since future market conditions cannot be predicted Oxford University Press reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer if necessary.
These discounts may not be used in addition to any other discount available to you from Oxford University Press (for example, it may not be added on top of the discount available to OUP book authors).
These discounts are offered on most publications supplied by Oxford University Press. It may not be possible for OUP to supply some publications to you"for example, if you live in a territory for which OUP UK or OUP USA does not have publishing rights for the title in question. In such cases OUP will tell you about the restriction. There are also some other exemptions on high priced books or on books which OUP does not publish but acts as distributor for.
Books bought through this discount offer are for personal use only.
List prices are correct at the time information is published but may be changed without notice.

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