What's New: May 2023

May 11, 2023

This month’s update, introduced by Carolyn Oulton, adds the lives of eleven women who were successful writers of popular fiction between 1870 and 1920: Florence Barclay, Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett, Theo Douglas, Mary Gordon, Maxwell Gray, Ella Lindow, Bessie Marchant, Jean Middlemass, Catherine Pirkis, Florence Warden, and Gertrude Warden.  Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - May 2023

Barclay [née Charlesworth], Florence Louisa (1862–1921), novelist

Corbett [née Burgoyne], Elizabeth [known as Mrs George Corbett; other name Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett] (1846–1930), novelist and suffragist

Everett [née Huskisson], Henrietta Dorothy [pseud. Theo Douglas] (1851–1923), novelist

Gordon [married name Leith], Mary Charlotte Julia [known as Mrs Disney Leith] (1840–1926), novelist and Icelandic traveller

Lindow, Ella Amalia [pseud. Gabrielle Wodnil, Ella Wodnil] (1880–1933), novelist and songwriter

Marchant [married name Comfort], Elizabeth [Bessie] (1862–1941), author of children’s adventure fiction

Middlemass, Mary Jane [Jean] (1833–1919), novelist

Pirkis [née Lyne], Catherine Louisa (1839–1910), novelist and animal welfare campaigner

Price [married name James], Florence Alice [pseud. Florence Warden] (1857–1929), novelist and playwright

Price [married names Jones, Devot; pseud. Gertrude Warden], Gertrude Isabel (1859–1925), actress and novelist [see under Price [married name James], Florence Alice [pseud. Florence Warden]]

Tuttiett, Mary Gleed [pseud. Maxwell Gray] (1846–1923), novelist

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