What's New: February 2023

February 8, 2023

This month’s update adds four new articles on women in the advertising industry, with an introduction by Lizzie Broadbent, and four articles on women active in the fields of art and architecture. The lives comprise: Margaret Havinden (and her sister Florence Sangster), Jean Lyon, Ethel Wilson, and Ethel Wood, all of whom held leading positions in advertising; the artists Marian Collier, Lucy Kemp-Welch, and Winifred Knights; and the architect Rosemary Stjernstedt.  Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - February 2023

Collier [née Huxley], Marian [Marion, Mady] (1859–1887), artist

Havinden [née Sangster; other married name Blair], Margaret Kirk (1895–1974), advertising executive

Knights [married name Monnington], Winifred Margaret (1899–1947), painter

Lyon [married name Raven-Hill], (Marion) Jean (1885–1940), advertising manager

Sangster [married name Bicknell], Florence Ann (1890–1979), advertising company executive [see under Havinden [née Sangster; other married name Blair], Margaret Kirk]

Stjernstedt [née Smith], Rosemary Owen (1912–1998), architect

Welch, Lucy Elizabeth Kemp-(1869–1958), artist and illustrator

Wilson [née Sayer], Ethel Maude (1876–1959), advertising manager and company director

Wood [née Hogg], Ethel Mary (1877–1970), advertising executive, feminist campaigner

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