What's New: January 2023

January 12, 2023

This month’s update adds the lives of eight members of the Order of Companions of Honour, completing ODNB’s coverage of the early members of the order, created in 1917. The new entrants comprise the officers’ charity organizer, Lady Lansdowne, the labour leaders James Seddon and James Parker, the civil servants Samuel Provis and William Napier Bruce, the headmaster Herbert James, the surgeon Florence Barrett, and the Baptist minister John Charles Carlile. Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - January 2022

Barrett [née Perry; other married name Willey], Florence Elizabeth, Lady Barrett, obstetric and gynaecological surgeon

Bruce, William Napier, civil servant and educationist

Carlile, John Charles, Baptist minister and journalist

Fitzmaurice [née Hamilton], Maud Evelyn Petty-, marchioness of Lansdowne, vicereine, political hostess, and philanthropist

James, Herbert Armitage, headmaster and college head

Parker, James, politician

Provis, Sir Samuel Butler, civil servant

Seddon, James Andrew, trade unionist and politician

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