What's New: December 2022

December 8, 2022

This month’s update features new articles on seventeen women active in the medieval and early modern periods, all of whom were royal or aristocratic wives, with an introduction by Louise Wilkinson. The lives include Gytha of Wessex, Isabella de Briouze, princess of Wales, Alice de Lacy, countess of Lancaster, Blanche of Lancaster, Margaret Paston, and Anne Herbert, countess of Pembroke. Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - December 2022

Blanche of Lancaster, noblewoman and literary subject

Briouze, Isabella de, noblewoman and princess

Briouze [Braose; née Marshal], Eva de, noblewoman

Caesar [née Freman], Mary Jacobite memoirist

Ferrers, Elizabeth de, noblewoman and princess

Gytha, wife of Earl Godwine

Gytha of Wessex [Gytha Haraldsdottir; Queen Gytha the Old], princess and royal consort of Rus’

Herbert [née Devereux], Anne, countess of Pembroke, noblewoman and vowess

Isabel [Isabella] of Castile, first duchess of York, princess

Lacy, Alice de, countess of Lancaster, countess of Leicester, suo jure countess of Lincoln, suo jure countess of Salisbury, magnate

Lusignan, Isabelle de, lady of Craon and Chantocé, noblewoman

Marshal, Matilda [Maud], countess of Norfolk and Surrey, heiress

Paston [née Mautby], Margaret, letter writer and landowner

Valence, Agnes de, magnate

Valence, Joan de, countess of Pembroke and lady of Wexford and Goodrich, noblewoman

Vere [née Howard] Anne de, countess of Oxford, noblewoman

Vere [née Ufford], Maud de, countess of Oxford, noblewoman

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