What's New: November 2022

November 10, 2022

This month’s update features new and extended lives of eight women connected with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, whether as artists, models, studio assistants, or partners, with an introduction by Jan Marsh. The lives include Georgiana Burne-Jones, Emma Sandys, Rebecca Solomon, Catherine Madox Brown (later Hueffer), and Maria Zambaco. Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - November 2022

Hay [née Benham], Jane Eleanor [known as Jane Benham Hay], painter and illustrator

Hueffer [née Madox Brown], Catherine Emily, painter, studio assistant, and model

Jones [née Macdonald], Georgiana [Georgie] Burne-, Lady Burne-Jones, artist and Pre-Raphaelite chronicler

Miller [married name Thomson], Anne [Annie], artist’s model

Pre-Raphaelite women artists

Sandys [Sands], (Mary Ann) Emma Negus (1841–1877), painter

Solomon, Rebecca, artist

Stokes [née Preindlsberger], Marianne, artist

Zambaco [née Cassavetti], Maria Terpsithea [Mary; Marie] (1843–1914), sculptor and Pre-Raphaelite model

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