What's New: September 2022

September 8, 2022

This month’s update adds 10 new articles, introduced by Caitríona Beaumont, and with a special focus on two generations of women who took part in movements both local and international to enhance the lives of women and girls. Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - September 2022

Abbott [née Lamond], Wilhelmena Hay [Elizabeth], women’s movement organizer and suffrage campaigner

Bacon [married name Foggitt], Gertrude, aeronaut, astronomer, and botanist

Bosanquet, Theodora, literary editor and writer

Carroll, Sydney Wentworth [real name George Frederick Francis Carl Whiteman; other name Frederick Carl], theatre manager and journalist [see under Cornwell [other married names Whiteman, Robinson], Alice Ann]

Clegg [married name Cox], Helen Mary, accountant [see under Cox, Harold]

Clifford, Mary, poor-law guardian and social reformer

Davidson [née Tait], Edith Murdoch, Lady Davidson of Lambeth, clergy wife and moral welfare organizer

Edwards, Evangeline Dora [Eve], missionary and Sinologist

Fisher [née Forman], Rosamond Chevallier, Lady Fisher of Lambeth, campaigner for mothers and their families

Headlam [née Pennington], Beatrice Rosamond, feminist [see under Headlam, Stewart Duckworth]

Holdsworth [née Carnie], Ethel [also known as Ethel Carnie Holdsworth], novelist, feminist, and socialist activist

Lonsdale, Sophia, social reformer, poor law guardian, and anti-suffragist

Oulton, Ann Elizabeth, author [see under Oulton, Walley Chamberlain]

Robinson, Edward Kay, journalist and naturalist [see under Robinson, Philip Stewart [other name Frederick Stennard Robinson]]

Robinson, Sir Harry Perry, journalist [see under Robinson, Philip Stewart [other name Frederick Stennard Robinson]]

Woodward, Alice Bolingbroke, illustrator and painter

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