What's New: August 2022

August 11, 2022

This month’s update adds 48 lives of people who died in 2014, 2015, and 2016, linked to other ODNB lives through family relationships or professional partnerships. They range from science and literature to journalism, sport, and entertainment. Read the introduction here.

New and updated subjects - August 2022

Anderson [née Thomas; other married names Brooks, Thamm], Sylvia Beatrice, television producer [see under Anderson, Gerald Alexander [Gerry]]

Barker, Sebastian Smart, poet [see under Barker, George Granville]

Bastedo, Alexandra Lendon, actress and animal sanctuary founder [see under Garland, Patrick Ewart]

Beeston, (William) Richard Charles [Dick], newspaperman [see under Beeston, Richard Nicholas]

Berkeley [née Bernstein], (Elizabeth) Freda, Lady Berkeley, [see under Berkeley, Sir Lennox Randal Francis]

Berry, Adrian Michael, fourth Viscount Camrose, journalist and futurologist [see under Berry, (William) Michael, third Viscount Camrose (disclaimed for life) Baron Hartwell]

Besse, Antonin [Tony], merchant and philanthropist [see under Besse, Antonin]

Birkett, Michael, second Baron Birkett, film producer and arts manager [see under Birkett, (William) Norman, first Baron Birkett]

Bragg, Stephen Lawrence, engineer and university administrator [see under Bragg, Sir (William) Lawrence]

Cardew, Seth Christopher Mason, potter and ceramic artist [see under Cardew, Michael Ambrose]

Casey, John [Jack] [performing name Eli Woods], comedian and actor [see under James, Jimmy [real name James Casey]]

Charles, Melvyn [Mel], footballer [see under Charles, (William) John]

D’Oliveira, Damian Basil, cricketer [see under D'Oliveira, Basil Lewis [Dolly]]

Evans, (Sarah) Nathalie, zoo proprietor and conservationist [see under Badham, Molly Winifred]

Ferranti, Sebastian Basil Joseph Ziani de, industrialist and patron of architecture [see under Ferranti, Sebastian Ziani de]

Foot, Sarah Dingle, writer and social worker [see under Foot, Hugh Mackintosh, Baron Caradon]

Frankland, Helga Maud Toynbee, biologist and conservationist [see under Frankland [née Brown], Juliet Camilla]

Fried, Catherine Boswell, artist [see under Fried, Erich]

Godfrey [married names Kinmonth, Warren], Kathleen Margaret, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force officer [see under Godfrey, John Henry]

Goodhart, Sir Philip Carter, politician and journalist [see under Goodhart, Arthur Lehman]

Higgins, Michael Selwyn Longuet-, applied mathematician and oceanographer [see under Higgins, (Hugh) Christopher Longuet-]

Hodgkin [née Rous], Marion de Kay [Marni], Lady Hodgkin [known as Marni Rous Hodgkin], children’s publisher [see under Hodgkin, Sir Alan Lloyd]

Hoellering [née Allnatt], Anne, philanthropist [see under Hoellering, George Michael]

Kedourie [née Haim], Sylvia Gourgi, scholar of the Middle East [see under Kedourie, Elie [formerly Eliahou Abdallah Khedhouri]]

Lloyd, (John) Jeremy, actor and television scriptwriter [see under Croft, David [real name David John Sharland]]

Long, Audrey Gwendoline, actress [see under Ian, Leslie Charles Bowyer Charteris [formerly Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin; pseud. Leslie Charteris]]

MacCormick, Iain Somerled MacDonald, politician [see under MacCormick, John MacDonald]

MacMillan, Andrew [Andy], architect [see under Metzstein, Isi Israel]

Michie, David Alan Redpath, artist [see under Redpath, Anne]

Moores, Sir Peter, businessman and philanthropist [see under Moores, Sir John]

Paget, Sir Julian Tolver, fourth baronet, army officer [see under Paget, Sir Bernard Charles Tolver]

Raven [née Kilner], Susan Mandeville, journalist [see under Raven, Simon Arthur Noël]

Riches [née Kitton], (Susan Elizabeth) Ann, Lady Riches, nurse and hospital administrator [see under Riches, Sir Eric William]

Roe, Harry Verdon Stopes-, philosopher and humanist [see under Stopes [married name Roe], Marie Charlotte Carmichael]

Rolt [née South], Sonia Mary Flemming, conservationist [see under Rolt, (Lionel) Thomas Caswall]

Rowson, Claire [stage name Claire Gordon], actress [see under Donaldson, (Charles) William [Willie] [pseud. Henry Root]]

Russell, Nicholas Lyulph, sixth Earl Russell, local politician and disability campaigner [see under Russell, Conrad Sebastian Robert, fifth Earl Russell]

Seldon [née Willett] (Audrey) Marjorie, free market campaigner [see under Seldon, Arthur]

Sidey, (Edith) Joan [(Edith) Joan Maizels], sociologist [see under Maizels, Alfred [Alf]]

Spencer [née McCorquodale; first married name Legge], Raine, countess of Dartmouth, then Countess Spencer, socialite [see under Spencer, (Edward) John, eighth Earl Spencer]

Stewart, Mary Florence Elinor [née Rainbow], Lady Stewart, novelist [see under Stewart, Sir Frederick Henry]

Summers, (Walter John) Jeremy, film and television director [see under Summers, Walter George Thomas]

Sutton, Peter Morgan, pathologist and cancer researcher [see under Sutton, Sir (Oliver) Graham]

Tait, James Francis, biophysicist and endrocrinologist [see under Tait [née Wardropper; other married name Simpson], Sylvia Agnes Sophia]

Taylor, Philip John [Phil, Philthy Animal], drummer [see under Kilmister, Ian Fraser [Lemmy]]

Temperley, (Harold) Neville Vazeille, mathematician and physicist [see under Temperley, Harold William Vazeille]

Villiers, (Marie-)José [née Countess Marie-José de la Barre d'Erquelinnes], Lady Villiers, Belgian resistance worker [see under Villiers, Sir Charles English Hyde]

Wilson, (Richard) John McMoran, second Baron Moran, diplomatist [see under Wilson, Charles McMoran, first Baron Moran]

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