What's New: January 2022

January 11, 2022

This month’s update adds ten new articles, ranging from a survey of early eighteenth-century essayists, to choral and opera singers, a conductor, the founders of a prog rock band, and cartoonists, including the creator of the Fred Basset comic strip. 

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New and updated subjects - January 2022

Capaldi, Nicola James [Jim] (1944–2005), musician, singer, and songwriter

Contributors to the Tatler, Spectator, and Guardian periodicals (act. 1709–1714)

Coombs, Frank Mundy (1906–1941), artist and gallery manager

Dowd, James Henry (1883–1956), cartoonist, painter, and etcher

Dowd, Leonard Philip [Leo] (1891–1947), cartoonist, illustrator, and poster designer

Graham, Alexander Steel [Alex] (1917–1991), cartoonist

Harvey, Trevor Barry (1911–1989), conductor, broadcaster, and music critic

Knollys, (Edward) Eardley (1902–1991), gallery owner, art collector, and artist

Mansbridge, Norman Arthur (1911–1993), cartoonist, illustrator, and writer

Piccaver, Alfred (1884–1958), singer

Priestley, William (1779–1860), cloth merchant

Wood, Christopher Gordon Blandford [Chris] (1944–1983), musician and songwriter

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