What's New: December 2021

December 8, 2021

This month’s update adds 12 new articles, with a focus on lives with a global dimension, connecting the British Isles with the West Indies, Africa, the Levant, India, Australia, and mainland Europe.

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New and updated subjects - December 2021

Barnett, Richard David (1909–1986), museum curator and archaeologist

Blunt, Sir Edward Arthur Henry (1877–1941), colonial administrator in India

De Sousa, Aleixo Caetano Lactâncio [Alexio; known as A. C. L. de Sousa] (1883–1958), doctor and political activist

De Sousa, Mary Matilda [née Pereira] (1890–1953), doctor and community activist

Heartfield, John [formerly Helmut Herzfeld] (1891–1968), artist and illustrator

Home, Ninian (1732–1795), planter, slave owner, and colonial governor

Laing, Edward (d. 1797), army surgeon

Officials and investors in the Royal African Company (1672–1750)

Primrose, James Maurice (1819–1892), army officer

Sandwith, Thomas Backhouse (1831–1900), consul

Thomas, Northcote Whitridge (1868–1936), anthropologist, folklorist, and linguist

Trim, John Leslie Melville (1924–2013), linguistic scholar, teacher, and public servant

White, John (1755/6–1832), naval surgeon

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