What's New: November 2021

November 11, 2021

This month’s update adds 48 portrait likenesses from the collections of the Royal College of Physicians, with an introduction by Ludmilla Jordanova, to accompany lives which reflect the varieties of medical practice in the early modern period.

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New and updated subjects - November 2021

Allen, John (1660?–1741), physician

Armstrong, John (1784–1829), physician

Barrett, William (1727?–1789), surgeon and antiquary

Barwick, Peter (1619–1705), physician

Bernard, Francis (bap. 1628, d. 1698), apothecary and physician

Brady, Robert (c. 1627–1700), historian and physician

Browne, Edward (1644–1708), physician and traveller

Browne, John (1642–1702/3?), surgeon

Brugis, Thomas (b. in or before 1620, d. in or after 1651), surgeon

Case, John (c. 1660–1700), astrologer and quack

Clater, Francis (bap. 1754?, d. 1823), farrier and veterinary writer

Cockburn, William (1669–1739), physician

Cole, Abdiah (fl.1602–1664), physician

Cole, William (1635–1716), physician

Cotton, Nathaniel (1705–1788), poet and physician

Cox, William Sands (1802–1875), surgeon and a founder of Queen's College, Birmingham

Downman, Hugh (1740–1809), physician and poet

Drake, James (bap. 1666, d. 1707), political and medical writer

Ent, Sir George (1604–1689), physician

Evans, John (b. 1594/5?, d. in or after 1659), astrologer and medical practitioner

Forman, Simon (1552–1611), astrologer and medical practitioner

Garthshore, Maxwell (1732–1812), physician accoucheur

Gilpin, Richard (1625–1700), nonconformist minister and physician

Haslam, John (bap. 1764, d. 1844), physician and specialist in insanity

Haydock, Richard (1569/70–c. 1642), physician

Highmore, Nathaniel (1613–1685), chemical physician and anatomist

Hill, James (1703–1776), surgeon

Kenrick, Daniel (b. 1649/50), poet and physician

Leake, John (1729–1792), man-midwife

Liddel, Duncan (1561–1613), astronomer and teacher of medicine

Maty, Matthew (1718–1776), physician and librarian

Moseley, Benjamin (1742–1819), physician and opponent of vaccination

Parkinson, John (1566/7–1650), apothecary and herbalist

Perfect, William (1731/2–1809), physician specializing in the treatment of the insane

Perreau, Robert (c. 1734–1776), apothecary and forger

Poole, Robert (1707/8–1752), physician and theological writer

Ring, John (bap. 1752, d. 1821), surgeon and vaccinator

Salmon, William (1644–1713), medical empiric and author

Saunders, Richard (1613–1675), medical practitioner and astrologer

Scharpe, George (c. 1583–1638), physician

Sermon, William (bap. 1629, d. 1680), physician and inventor of medicines

Shebbeare, John (1709–1788), physician and political writer

Sibly, Ebenezer (1751–c. 1799), astrologer and physician

St André, Nathanael (1679/80–1776), anatomist and surgeon

Tait, Ian Greville (1926–2013), general practitioner

Templeman, Peter (1711–1769), physician and secretary of the Society of Arts

Trotter, Thomas (bap. 1760, d. 1832), naval physician

Venner, Tobias (1577–1660), physician and medical writer

Whitaker, Tobias (bap. 1601?, d. 1664), physician

Williamson, Hugh (1735–1819), physician and revolutionary politician in America

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