What's New: May 2021

May 13, 2021

This month's update adds eighteen lives focused on Early Modern Women and particularly on the adaptions of underground Catholic lay culture in the face of religious turbulence and persecution in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England.

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New and updated subjects - May 2021

Aldred, Joan [née Ferneley] (b. 1546, d. after 12 Oct 1625), Catholic activist and papal pensioner

Alford, Agnes (b. c. 1523, d. after 1587), Catholic recusant and book smuggler

Bourne, Elizabeth (c. 1549–1599), letter-writer and poet

Brandon, Eleanor (c.1519–1547) [See under Clifford, Margaret, countess of Derby], noblewoman

Cavanagh [Cavanaugh], Eleanor (fl. 1805–7), servant and correspondent

Clifford, Margaret, countess of Derby (1540–1593), noblewoman

Daniell, John, of Daresbury (1544–1610) [See under Daniell [neé de la Kethulle], Jane [also Rehova/Ryhova]], member of the rural gentry

Daniell [née de la Kethulle], Jane [also Rehova/Ryhova] (b. c. 1565, d. after 1612), autobiographer

Daubeney [née Howard; other married name ap Rhys], Katherine, countess of Bridgwater (d. 1554), noblewoman

Dudley [née Guildford], Jane, duchess of Northumberland (1508/9–1555), courtier and noblewoman

Herbert [née de Vere], Susan, countess of Montgomery (1587–1629), courtier and literary patron

Hopton [married name Marshall], Cicely (d. 1625), member of the Roman Catholic underground

Neville, Margaret (c. 1525–1546), noblewoman

Parr, Anne [née Bourchier], seventh Baroness Bourchier (1517–1571), noblewoman

Pauncefoot, Dorothy (1533?–1590?), recusant and member of the Roman Catholic underground

Tresham [née Throckmorton], Muriel (1547x50–1615), gentlewoman

Vaux [married names Guildford and Poyntz], Lady Jane (c. 1462–d. 1537), noblewoman and royal governess

Wintour, Helena (1600?–1671), recusant gentlewoman and textile artist

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