What's New: April 2021

April 7, 2021

The month’s update adds twelve new lives, featuring six key figures in the history of dyslexia, who laid the scientific grounds for its identification as a learning disorder and pioneered its treatment, introduced by Margaret J. Snowling. There are also new biographies of four nurses, a midwife, and an athletics coach.

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New and updated subjects - April 2021

Brewster, Annie Catherine (1858–1902), nurse

Franklin, Alfred White (1905–1984), paediatrician

Hinshelwood, James (1859–1919), ophthalmic surgeon

Hornsby [née Hodges; other married names Barley, Buckham], Beryl, [known as Bevé Hornsby] (1915–2004), speech therapist and chartered psychologist

Horwill, Francis John (Frank) (1927–2012), athletics coach

Jordan, Louisa (1878–1915), nurse

Maurice, Elizabeth (1775/6–1835), midwife

Miles, Thomas Richard [Tim] (1923–2008), psychologist and pioneer of dyslexia studies

Naidoo [née Basu, Bose], Sandhya (1922–2017), educational psychologist and teacher

Pirrie, Isabella Barbour [Ella] (1857–1929), nurse and nurse educator

Tiffany, Robert [Bob] (1942–1993), nurse

Welchman [née Eves], (Elsie) Marion (1915–1997), charity administrator and campaigner for the treatment of dyslexia

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