What's New: February 2021

February 11, 2021

This month’s update adds ten new articles on lives connected with some of the regions of the British Isles.

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New and updated subjects - February 2021

Bidwell, Sydney James [Syd] (1917–1997), politician

Broughton, James (1793–1864), literary antiquary and critic

Flower, Frederick Dalby [Fred] (1915–2001), educationist

Funnell, Brian Michael (1933–2000), geologist, micropalaeontologist, and environmental scientist

Harvey, Thomas Edmund [T. Edmund, Ted] (1875–1955), politician and social reformer

Hendriks, Eileen Mary Lind (1887–1978), geologist

Jaffé, (Andrew) Michael (1923–1997), art historian and museum director

Owen, Alun Davies (1925–1994), actor, playwright, and screenwriter

Simpson, Mary Helen [Pollie] (1871–1947), rural organizer

Tongue, Ruth Lyndall (1898–1981), singer, storyteller, and folklorist

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