What's New: January 2021

January 14, 2021

The January 2021 update adds 241 people who died in 2017, and who left their mark on British national life.

From January 2021, the Oxford DNB offers biographies of 73,184 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 75,558 articles. 11,774 biographies include a portrait image of the subject—researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - January 2021

Abrahams, Peter (1919–2017), writer

Aitken, Martin Jim (1922–2017), archaeological scientist

Albeck, (Judith) Patricia [Pat] (1930–2017), textile designer

Aldiss, Brian Wilson (1925–2017), author

Aldridge, Alan Roy (1938–2017), art director and illustrator

Alexander, Dame Helen Anne (1957–2017), businesswoman

Allchin [née Gordon], Bridget (1927–2017), archaeologist and scholar of South Asian prehistory

Allington, Edward Thomas (1951–2017), artist and sculptor

Anderson, Pamela Sue (1955–2017), philosopher of religion

Atkinson, Sir Anthony Barnes [Tony] (1944–2017), economist

Bagri, Raj Kumar, Baron Bagri (1930–2017), businessman

Barber, Derek Coates, Baron Barber of Tewkesbury (1918-2017), farmer, countryman, and conservationist

Barklem [née Gaze], Gillian Mary [Jill] (1951–2017), children’s illustrator and writer

Barr, Albert Glendelin [Glen] (1942–2017), trade unionist, politician, and community worker

Bartholomew, David John (1931–2017), statistician

Bartholomew, Robert Gordon [Robbie] (1927–2017) [see under Bartholomew Family (per. 1805–1986)], map publisher

Bateson, Sir (Paul) Patrick Gordon [Pat] (1938–2017, biologist and ethologist

Bauman, Zygmunt (1925–2017), sociologist and philosopher

Benn, David Julian Wedgwood (1928–2017) [see under Benn, Anthony Neil Wedgwood [Tony], second Viscount Stansgate (1925–2014)], broadcasting manager and scholar of Russian politics

Berger, John Peter (1926–2017), art critic, novelist, and film-maker

Berry, James Radglan [also known as James Raglan Berry] (1924–2017), poet

Bickerstaffe, Rodney Kevan (1945–2017), trade unionist and campaigner for a minimum wage

Bland, Sir (Francis) Christopher Buchan (1938–2017), businessman and broadcasting executive

Bleakley, David Wylie (1925–2017), politician and peace campaigner

Blelloch, Sir John Niall Henderson (1930–2017), civil servant

Bogdanov, Michael (1938–2017), theatre director

Bond, (Thomas) Michael (1926–2017), author

Bourgeois, Derek David (1941–2017), composer and conductor

Boxall [née Buss], Barbara Ann (1932–2017), journalist and magazine editor

Boyars, Arthur (1925–2017) [see under Boyars [née Asmus], Marion Ursula (1927–1999)], poet, editor, and advertising consultant

Brady, Ian (1938–2017) [see under Hindley, Myra (1942–2002)], murderer

Briance [née Chapman], Prunella Mary (1926–2017), promoter of natural childbirth

Bridges, Thomas Edward (Tom), second Baron Bridges (1927–2017) [see under Bridges, Edward Ettingdene, first Baron Bridges (1892–1969)], diplomatist

Brittin, Janette Ann [Jan] (1959–2017), cricketer

Brodie [née Hartley], Angela Mary (1934–2017), cancer research scientist

Brunton, Sir Gordon Charles (1921–2017), businessman

Buckmaster, Paul John(1946–2017), musician, orchestrator, and composer

Burney [née Baseden], Yvonne Jeanne Therese de Vibraye (1922-2017), Special Operations Executive agent

Burton, Richard St John Vladimir (1933–2017), architect

Cameron, Alan Douglas Edward (1938–2017), classical scholar

Campbell [née Johnson], Rachel Elizabeth [Betty] (1934-2017), headteacher and community activist

Carluccio, Antonio Mario Gaetano (1937–2017), restaurateur, television cook, and author

Carr, (Arthur) Wesley (1941–2017), dean of Westminster

Carr, Sir Peter Derek(1930–2017), industrial relations expert and health service administrator

Chancellor, Alexander Surtees (1940–2017), editor

Clancy, Joseph Patrick (1928–2017), poet and translator of Welsh literature

Clifford, Maxwell Frank (Max) (1943-2013), publicist

Cole, Babette Steele (1949–2017), author and illustrator

Copisarow, Sir Alcon Charles (1920–2017), scientific civil servant and management consultant

Cudlipp [née Hyland], Joan Latimer [Jodi], Lady Cudlipp (1920–2017) [see under Cudlipp, Hubert Kinsman [Hugh], Baron Cudlipp (1913–1998)], journalist

Cummins, Peggy (1925–2017), actress

Curtis, Clem [real name Curtis Clements] (1940–2017), singer

Dalyell, Sir Thomas [Tam], eleventh baronet (1932–2017), politician

Davis, Antony John [Tony] (1930–2017) [see under Hall, Clifford Samuel [Cliff] (1925–2008)], singer and instrumentalist

Dawn, Elizabeth [Liz] (real name Sylvia Ann Ibbetson, née Butterfield) (1939–2017), actress

De Peyer, Gervase Alan (1926–2017), clarinettist

Dexter, (Norman) Colin (1930–2017), crime novelist and crossword compiler

Dorow, Dorothy Margaret (1930–2017), singer

Dotrice, Roy Louis (1923–2017), actor

Downes, Terence Richard [Terry] (1936–2017), professional boxer and businessman

Drever, Ronald William Prest [Ron] (1931–2017), experimental physicist

Du Cann, Sir Edward Dillon Lott (1924–2017), politician and businessman

Dudbridge, Glen (1938–2017), sinologist

Duddy, Brendan (1936–2017), businessman and intermediary

Dunmore, Helen (1952–2017), poet, novelist, and children’s author

Eady, (Hugh) Toby (1941–2017) [see under Siepmann [née Farmar], Mary Aline [other married name Mary Aline Eady, Lady Swinfen; pseud. Mary Wesley] (1912–2002)], literary agent

Ehiogu, Ugochuku (Ugo)(1972–2017), footballer, football coach, and music entrepreneur

Ellis [née Hall], Dame Diana Margaret (Di) (1938–2017), rower, cox, and rowing administrator

Emecheta, Florence Onyebuchi [Buchi] (1944–2017), novelist

Fergusson, Sir Ewen Alastair John (1932–2017), diplomatist

Finch, John Thomas (1930–2017), biologist

Findlay, Richard (1943–2017), actor, broadcasting executive, and arts administrator

Fisher, Roy (1930–2017), poet and jazz pianist

Flint [née Heyhoe], Rachael, Baroness Heyhoe Flint [known as Rachael Heyhoe Flint] (1939–2017), cricketer and hockey player

Forsyth, Sir Bruce Joseph (1928–2017), broadcaster and entertainer

Fratini [née Butler], Georgina Carolyn [Gina] (1931–2017), fashion designer

Fretwell, Sir (Major) John Emsley (1930–2017), diplomatist

Garbutt, Vincent Paul [Vin] (1947–2017), folk singer, songwriter, and raconteur

Gemmell, Thomas [Tommy] (1943–2017), footballer and football manager

Good, Jack Stanley (1931–2017), television and theatre producer, actor, and painter

Goodhart, William Howard [Willie], Baron Goodhart (1933–2017), barrister, politician, and human rights campaigner

Gordon, Aloysius Lincoln [Lucky] (1931–2017), petty criminal, singer, and cook

Gordon, Michael John Caldwell (1948–2017), computer scientist

Gradwell [née Mahoney], Lorraine Susan (1953–2017), campaigner for disabled people’s rights

Green, Sir Owen Whitley (1925–2017), businessman

Greenbury, Sir Richard (1936–2017), retailer

Griffiths [née Stevenson], Dame (Elizabeth) Anne (1932–2017), archivist and courtier

Hall, Sir Peter Reginald Frederick (1930–2017), theatre, opera, and film director

Hallam, Anthony [Tony] (1933–2017), palaeontologist and geologist

Hambro [née Huggins; first married name Twiss], Cherry Felicity (1933–2017) [see under Hambro, Charles Eric Alexander, Baron Hambro (1930–2002)], journalist

Hanson, Sir John Gilbert (1938–2017), British Council official and college head

Hardy, (Timothy Sydney) Robert (1925–2017), actor

Hayward, Jack Ernest Shalom (1931–2017), political scientist

Hill, (John) Richard (1929–2017), naval officer and historian

Hoare, Penelope Susan [Penny] (1940–2017), editor

Hoare, Sydney Reginald [Syd] (1939–2017), judoka

Hodgkin, Sir (Gordon) Howard Eliot (1932–2017), painter and printmaker

Hollingworth, Clara [Clare] (1911–2017), journalist

Holyoake, Tessa Laurie (1963–2017), haematologist and leukaemia researcher

Hooper, Maxwell Dorien [Max] (1934–2017), biologist and historian

Horne, Sir Alistair Allan (1925–2017), historian

Houston, Ethel May (1924–2017), solicitor and cryptanalyst

Howe, Rhett Radford Leighton [Darcus] (1943–2017), journalist and political activist

Hughes, Glyn Tegai (1923–2017), scholar, literary critic, and public servant

Hulton, Louise Anne (1970–2017), social statistician

Hume, Ivor Noël (1927–2017), historical archaeologist

Hurt, Sir John Vincent (1940–2017), actor

Hutchins [née Goundry], (Hazel) Patricia [Pat] (1942–2017), illustrator and author

Hutchinson, Jeremy Nicholas, Baron Hutchinson of Lullington (1915–2017), barrister and arts administrator

Ibbotson, (George) Derek (1932–2017), athlete

Imbert, Peter Michael, Baron Imbert (1933–2017), police officer

Imison [née Trenaman], Dame Tamsyn Love (1937–2017), educationist

Jacobs, John Robert Maurice (1925–2017), professional golfer and businessman

Jellicoe, (Patricia) Ann (1927–2017), playwright, theatre director, and translator

Jenkins (née Morris), Dame (Mary) Jennifer, Lady Jenkins of Hillhead (1921–2017), conservationist and public servant

Joffe, Joel Goodman, Baron Joffe (1932–2017), lawyer, businessman, and human rights campaigner

Jones, Antony Charles Robert (Tony) Armstrong-, first earl of Snowdon and Baron Armstrong-Jones (1930–2017), photographer, designer, and campaigner for disabled rights

Jones, David Edward Hugh (1938–2017), chemist, science journalist, and inventor

Jones, David Parry- (1933–2017), journalist, broadcaster, and rugby commentator

Judge, Sir Paul Rupert (1949–2017), businessman and philanthropist

Kaufman, Sir Gerald Bernard (1930–2017), politician, journalist, and author

Keeler, Christine Margaret (1942–2017), model and showgirl

Kenny, Sir Brian Leslie Graham (1934–2017), army officer

King, Anthony Stephen [Tony] (1934–2017), political scientist and commentator

Knatchbull [née Mountbatten], Patricia Edwina Victoria, Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1924–2017) [see under Mountbatten [née Ashley], Dame Edwina Cynthia Annette, Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1901– 1960)], charity worker

Kroll [née Hill], Una Margaret Patricia (1925–2017), medical practitioner, campaigner for women’s ordination, and Church of England priest

Laird, Sir Gavin Harry (1933–2017), trade unionist

Lauterpacht, Sir Elihu [Eli] (1928–2017), international lawyer, arbitrator, and legal scholar

Lassally, Walter (1926–2017), cinematographer

Lawrenson, Peter John (1933–2017), electrical engineer

Leach, Rosemary Anne (1935–2017), actress

Lee [née Woods], Mary Lee Berners- (1924–2017), mathematician and computer programmer

Lewis, Jeremy Morley (1942–2017), journalist, publisher, and biographer

Liddell, Nona Patricia (1927–2017), violinist

Lownes, Victor Aubrey (1928–2017), businessman

Lowry [née Collins, first married name Gardner], Noreen Margaret (Nina) (1925–2017), judge

MacKean, Elizabeth Mary [Liz] (1964–2017), broadcaster and journalist

Maguire, Sarah (1957–2017), poet and translator

Manasseh, Leonard Sulla (1916–2017), architect

Mansfield, Sir Peter (1933–2017), physicist and inventor

Marychurch, Sir Peter Harvey (1927–2017), intelligence officer and civil servant

Massie, Sir Herbert William [Bert] (1949–2017), campaigner for the rights of disabled people

Matthew, Brian (1928–2017), broadcaster and actor

McCluskey, John Herbert, Baron McCluskey (1929–2017), judge

McCowen, Alexander Duncan [Alec] (1925–2017), actor

McGuinness, (James) Martin Pacelli (1950–2017), Irish Republican activist and politician

Mestel, Leon (1927–2017), astrophysicist

Metzger, Gustav [Gedalia Ben-Yehuda Metzger] (1926–2017), artist and political activist

Milmine, Douglas (1921–2017), bishop of Paraguay

Mitchell, Donald Charles Peter (1925–2017), musicologist and publisher

Mollo, John (1931–2017), film costume designer and military historian

Moore, Sir Roger George (1927–2017), actor, producer, and charity worker

Morahan, Christopher Thomas (1929–2017), television, theatre, and film director and producer

Morgan, (Hywel) Rhodri (1939–2017), first minister of Wales

Morrison, Sir Kenneth Duncan (Ken) (1931–2017), businessman

Mosley, Nicholas, third Baron Ravensdale (1923–2017), novelist and biographer

Murray [née Todd], Stephanie Vivian Wolfe (1941–2017), publisher

Neill, Sir Brian Thomas (1923–2017) [see under Neill, Francis Patrick (Pat), Baron Neill of Bladen (1926–2016)], judge and barrister

Newman, Sir Kenneth Leslie (1926–2017), police officer

Newton, John Anthony (1930–2017), Methodist minister

Noakes (née Bottomley), John Wallace (1934–2017), actor and television presenter

Norman, Barry Leslie (1933–2017), journalist, broadcaster, and film critic

O’Callaghan, John Marian [Seán] (1954–2017), paramilitary and informer

O’Connor, Cormac Murphy- (1932–2017), cardinal

Oliver, Paul Hereford (1927–2017), musicologist and historian of vernacular architecture

Opie [née Archibald], Iona Margaret Balfour (1923–2017), folklorist, book collector, and historian of children’s lore and literature

Paget [née Morgan], Dame (Elizabeth) Shirley Vaughan [née Morgan], marchioness of Anglesey (1924–2017) [see under Paget, George Charles Henry Victor, seventh Marquess of Anglesey (1922–2013)], public servant

Paniguian, Sir Richard Leon (1949–2017), oil and defence industry executive

Parfit, Derek Antony (1942–2017), philosopher

Pettifor, David Godfrey (1945–2017), theoretical physicist

Posgate, Ian Richard (1932–2017), Lloyd's underwriter

Postan [née Keppel], Cynthia Rosalie, Lady Postan (1918–2017) [see under Postan, Sir Michael Moïssey (1899–1981)], horticulturist, translator, and porcelain collector

Poyser, Trevor (1925–2017), publisher

Priestley, Sir Julian Gordon (1950–2017), international civil servant

Procter, (Mary) Norma (1928–2017), singer

Quirk, (Charles) Randolph, Baron Quirk (1920–2017), linguist

Raisman, Geoffrey (1939–2017), neuroscientist

Reeves, Philip Thomas Langford (1931–2017), artist and print-maker

Reveley [née Allison], Mary Christiana (1940–2017), racehorse trainer

Reynolds, (Edward) Osmund Royle (1933–2017), fencer and neonatal paediatrician

Roberts, Richard Whitfield [Dick] (1950–2017) [see under Roberts, Benjamin Charles [Ben] (1917–2011)], economic historian

Robinson, Derek Wilfred (1927–2017), Communist and trade unionist

Rose, David Edward (1924–2017), television director, producer, and executive

Rowell, (Douglas) Geoffrey (1943–2017), church historian and bishop of Gibraltar in Europe

Sallis, Peter John (1921–2017), actor

Sandberg, Michael Graham Ruddock, Baron Sandberg (1927–2017), banker

Sarstedt, Peter Eardley (1941–2017), singer and songwriter

Savage [née Coleman], Ann (1946–2017), astronomer

Saye, Khadija Mohammadou (1992–2017), artist

Scott, Richard Sebastian Gilbert (1923–2017) [see under Scott, Sir Giles Gilbert (1880–1960)], architect

Shepherd, (Richard) David (1931–2017), artist and conservationist

Shepherd, Donald John (Don) (1927–2017), cricketer and shopkeeper

Simpson, Alan Francis (1929–2017), scriptwriter

Sisson, Rosemary Anne (1923–2017), dramatist and playwright

Skellern, Peter (1947–2017), musician, singer-songwriter, and Church of England priest

Smith, Denis Mack (1920–2017), historian

Smith, Timothy Peter (Tim) Pigott- (1946–2017), actor and director

Smithies, Oliver(1925–2017), biochemist and geneticist

Soulsby, (Ernest Jackson) Lawson, Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Prior (1926–2017), veterinary scientist

Stacey, Nicolas David [Nick] (1927–2017), athlete, Church of England priest, and director of social services

Stamp, Gavin Mark (1948–2017), architectural historian and conservationist

Steyn, Johan van Zyl, Baron Steyn (1932–2017), judge

Storey [née Story], David Malcolm (1933–2017), novelist, playwright, and screenwriter

Stuart, Sir Kenneth Lamonte [Ken] (1920–2017), medical scientist and medical adviser

Surtees, John (1934–2017), motorcyclist and racing driver

Surtees [née Bell], Virginia (1917–2017), art historian and biographer

Szamuely, Helen (1950–2017), historian, translator, and political activist

Tate, Sir Jeffrey Philip (1943–2017), conductor

Taylor, Graham (1944–2017), football manager

Tchinarova [formerly Rekemchuk; married name Finch], Tamara Yevsenievna Tchinarova (1919–2017) [see under Finch, (Frederick George) Peter Ingle (1916–1977)], ballet dancer

Temperley, (Harold) Neville Vazeille (1915–2017) [see under Temperley, Harold William Vazeille (1879–1939)], mathematician and physicist

Tennant, Emma Christina (1937–2017) , journalist, author, and magazine editor

Terry, Sir Peter David George (1926–2017), air force officer

Thomas, Hugh Swynnerton, Baron Thomas of Swynnerton (1931–2017), historian

Thompson, John Brian (1928–2017), journalist, editor, and broadcasting regulator

Tindale, Stephen Christopher (1963–2017), environmentalist

Tomlinson, Sir Bernard Evans (1920–2017), neuropathologist

Tootill, Geoffrey Colin (Geoff) (1922–2017), computer engineer

Toulson, Roger Grenfell, Lord Toulson (1946–2017), judge

Turk (née Phillips), Stella Maris Treharne (1925–2017), naturalist and conservationist

Unsworth, Walter (Walt) (1928–2017), outdoor writer and publisher

Waddington, David Charles, Baron Waddington (1929–2017), politician

Walker, Helen Joan (1953–2017), astronomer

Wall (née Mylott), Margaret Mary, Baroness Wall of New Barnet (1941–2017), trade unionist, politician, and public servant

Warwick [née Moore], Dame Margaret Elizabeth Harvey Turner- (1924–2017), respiratory physician and researcher

Wass, Sir Douglas William Gretton (1923–2017), civil servant and banker

Webb, Pauline Mary (1927–2017), ecumenist, author, and broadcaster

Wedgwood [née Reeves; first married name Tudor-Craig), Pamela Wynn, Lady Wedgwood (1928–2017), art historian and medieval scholar

Wells, George Albert (1926–2017), scholar of German and of early Christianity

Wells, Peter Neil Temple (1936–2017), medical physicist

Willcox, Sheila Mary (1936–2017), equestrienne and eventer

Williams, John Henley Heathcote- (known as Heathcote Williams) (1941–2017), poet, playwright, and actor

Williams, Michael Charles, Baron Williams of Baglan (1949–2017), international civil servant and political adviser

Wilson, (Robert) Gordon (1938–2017), politician

Wilson (married name Borland), (Winifred) Margaret (1921–2017), Spanish scholar

Wolstenhome [née Boual], Manjit (1964–2017), investment banker

Wood, Ronald Karslake Starr (1919–2017), plant pathologist

Wright, Kenyon Edward (1932–2017), episcopalian priest and campaigner for Scottish devolution

Wyndham, Francis Guy Percy (1924–2017), author, journalist, and editor

Young, Sir Roger William (1923–2017), headmaster and public servant

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