What's new: September 2020

September 10, 2020

This month’s update contains 17 new articles with a special focus on British connections with the Middle East and mainland Europe.

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New and updated subjects - September 2020

Bermant, Chaim Icyk (1929-1998), journalist, novelist, and religious commentator

Brant, James (1789–1861), merchant and consul

Briggs, Samuel (1776–1868), merchant and consul in Egypt

Crestadoro, Andrea(1808–1879), inventor and librarian

Creswell, Margaret Susan (1847–1936), postmistress

Davis, Nathan (1819–1882), missionary and archaeologist

Elerius (d. in or after 1264), administrator and abbot of Pershore

Eliot, John (fl.1562?–1593), translator, author, and language teacher

Gadd, Cyril John (1893–1969), Assyriologist

Jacobs, Michael Charles (1952–2014), travel writer and art historian

Lloyd, Seton Howard Frederick (1902–1996), architect and archaeologist

Oates, (Edward Ernest) David Michael (1927–2004), historian and archaeologist

Shergold, Harold Taplin (Shergy) (1915–2000), intelligence officer

Skene, James Henry (1812–1886), consul and author

Steingass, Francis Joseph (1825–1902), orientalist and lexicographer

Taylor, Robert (1788–1852), British political representative in Ottoman Iraq

Waechter, Sir Harry Sedan, first baronet (1871-1929) [see under: Waechter, Sir Max Leonard], merchant, philanthropist, and gardener

Waechter, Sir Max Leonard (1827–1924), merchant, philanthropist, and promoter of European federation

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