What's new: August 2020

August 13, 2020

This month’s update contains 17 lives of astronomers, whose work ranged from observations of the transit of Venus in 1761 to the study of galaxies in the 1990s, curated by Paul Murdin.

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New and updated subjects - August 2020

Adams, John Franklin- (1843–1912), astronomer and astrophotographer

Busbridge, Ida Winifred (1908–1988), mathematician

Dingle, Herbert (1890–1978), physicist, historian and philosopher of science

Edney, David James Reginald (1875–1964), meteorologist and astronomer

Elger, Thomas Gwyn Empy (1836–1897), civil engineer and astronomer

Elson, Rebecca Anne Wood (Becky) (1960–1999), astronomer and poet

Evans, David Stanley (1916–2004), astronomer

Hey, James Stanley (1909-2000), radio astronomer and physicist

Kopal, Zdeněk (1914–1993), astronomer

Mees, (Charles Edward) Kenneth (1882–1960), chemist and photographic scientist

Monck, (William Henry) Stanley (1839–1915), lawyer, philosopher, and astronomer

Porter, John Guy (1900–1981), astronomer and broadcaster

Tennant, James Francis (1829–1915), army officer and astronomer

Thackeray, (Andrew) David (1910–1978), astronomer

Twiss, Richard Quintin (1920–2005), mathematician and astronomer

Waddington, Robert (d. 1779), mathematician

Williams, John (1797–1874), astronomer and Egyptologist

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