What's new: July 2020

July 9, 2020

This month’s update contains the lives of 14 Early Modern women from Anne Herbert, the sister of Queen Katherine Parr, to publisher Jane Hogarth, and including a portrait painter, travellers, merchants, vowesses, a poet, and a murderer.

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New and updated subjects - July 2020

Cheke [née Hill; other married name Mackwilliam], Lady Mary (c. 1532–1616), gentlewoman of the privy chamber and courtier poet

Forrat, Margaret (fl 1624, d. 1653), noblewoman and landowner

Herbert [née Parr], Anne (c. 1515–1552), countess of Pembroke, courtier and sister to Katherine Parr

Hogarth [née Thornhill], Jane (d. 1789), printseller and businesswoman

Holsewyther, Margaret (b. c. 1504, d. after 1560), royal miniaturist

Kyngeston [née Fettyplace], Susan (c. 1490–1540), vowess

Langley, Katherine (d. 1511), vowess

Rough, Alison (c. 1480–1535), merchant

Sleepe, Frances (b. by 1685, d. 1776), fan-maker

Sleepe [married name Burney], Esther (1725–1762), fan-maker

Spens [Spence], Isobel (d. 1653), noblewoman

Stuart [Stewart], Martha [Märta] (1606–1653), noblewoman and landowner

Wilmot, Katherine (1773–1824), traveller and diarist

Wilmot [married name Bradford], Martha (1775–1873), traveller, diarist, and editor

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