What's new: June 2020

June 18, 2020

This month’s update contains 27 new articles, ranging from a grammarian in the early sixteenth-century to a twentieth-century comedy double-act, and with a special focus on the circle of the social thinker William Godwin.

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New and updated subjects - June 2020

Acland [formerly Ackland], James (1799-1876), orator and political reformer

Aveling, Thomas William Baxter (1815-1884), Congregational minister

Beatty, Sir William (1773-1842), naval surgeon

Bolckow, Henry William Ferdinand (1806-1878), ironmaster and philanthropist

Booth, David (1766-1846), lexicographer and author

Bryant, William Andrewes [Andrew] (1799-1878), surveyor and map maker

Crowhurst, Donald Charles Alfred (1932-1969), sailor and electronics engineer

Davies, William Edmund (1819–1879), bookmaker

Dubois, Edward (1774-1850), author, journalist, and barrister

Fenwick (née Jaco), Eliza (1766-1840), novelist, educator, and children’s author

Fitzwilliam, Richard, seventh Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion (1745-1816), collector, connoisseur, and museum founder

Harrison, Thomas (1595- 1649), Church of England clergyman

Hastings, Thomas (1778-1854), army officer, customs officer, and artist

Kibble, John (1818–1894), photographer and inventor

Langley, Walter (1852 – 1922), artist

Lily, William (1468?–1522/3), grammarian and schoolmaster

McGonigal, James Joseph [known as Jimmy Gold] , (1886-1967), comedian

Murray [later name: De Ameland], Lady Augusta (1761–1830), illegal wife of Prince Augustus

Naughton, Charles John [Charlie] (1886-1976), comedian

Pepper, John Henry (1821-1900), popularizer of science, illusionist, and manager of the Royal Polytechnic Institution

Phillips, Sir Richard (1767-1840), author and publisher

Piers, Henry (c.1567-1623), Irish travel writer and Roman Catholic convert

Price, Laurence (fl. 1624-1667?), balladeer and pamphlet writer

Richardson, Charles (1775-1865), lexicographer

Rickman, Thomas Clio (1761-1834), bookseller, author, and political reformer

Russell, William Clark (1844–1911), novelist

Sandars, Samuel (1837-1894), librarian and benefactor

Scholefield, William (1809-1867), politician and businessman

Turner, Ellen (1811-1831), heiress and abductee

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