What's new: May 2020

May 14, 2020

This month’s update records the lives of 16 Victorian women who achieved significance in the worlds of art, education, authorship, prison government, and nursing.

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New and updated subjects - May 2020

Andrews, Marian [neé Hare; pseud. Christopher Hare] (1839-1929), historian and novelist

Bell, Margaret Alexis (1818-1889), schoolmistress

Clayton, Katharine [née Hare] (1843-1933), voluntary worker

Eaton (née Antwistle/Entwistle), Fanny (1835-1924), artist’s model

Gray [married names: Ruskin; Millais), Euphemia Chalmers [Effie], Lady Millais (1828-1897), artist’s wife and studio manager

Lonsdale, (Lucy) Margaret (1846-1917), nurse and author

Martin (née Edgcumbe; first married name Pilcher), Emma Mary (1807–1871), prison governor

Merryweather, Mary (1818-1880), social reformer and lady superintendent of nursing

Osburn, Lucy (1836–1891), nursing superintendent

Perugini [née Dickens; other married name Collins], Catherine Elizabeth Macready [Kate] (1839-1929), artist

Pringle, Angélique Lucille (1846-1920), nurse

Stewart, Jane Catherine Shaw (1821-1905), nurse

Wardle, Elizabeth (1834-1902), embroiderer and businesswoman

Wardroper (née Bisshopp), Sarah Elizabeth (1813 – 1892), nurse

Westlake, Alice [née Hare] (1842-1923), suffragist and artist

Wood, Catherine Jane (1841-1930), paediatric nurse and promoter of nurse education, registration, and welfare

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