What's new: April 2020

April 9, 2020

This month’s update contains 13 articles, recording women’s lives in a variety of spheres – from accountancy and education to domestic service and musical comedy – in the transformative period of suffrage and after.

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New and updated subjects - April, 2020

Baldock (née Rogers), (Lucy) Minnie (1864-1954), suffrage activist and campaigner

Baldwin [née Ridsdale], Lucy, Countess Baldwin of Bewdley (1869–1945), campaigner for maternity care

Black [née Coats], Janet (1844–1918), philanthropist

Blaney, Norah [real name: Norah Mignon Cordwell; married names: Lyne; Durham; Hughes] (1893-1983), pianist and revue artist

Crichton, Edna Annie (née Sturge) (1876-1970), local politician

Ellis (née Lees), Edith Mary Oldham (1861-1916), writer, lecturer, and socialist

Farrar, Gwendoline [Gwen] (1897-1944), cellist and revue artist

Gretton [née Sturge; first married name Henderson], Mary Gertrude Sturge (1871-1961), historian and magistrate

Gretton, Richard Henry (1874-1936), journalist and historian

Hoster [née Kalisch], Constance Pauline (1864-1939), promoter of women’s employment and secretarial training

Kenney, Jessie (1887-1985), suffrage activist

Oliver, Kathlyn (1884-1953), feminist, founder of a trade union for domestic servants, and proponent of the right to love other women

Punnett, Margaret (1867-1946), educationalist

Sowerby [married name: Kendall], (Katherine) Githa (1876-1970), playwright and children’s author

Stanley [née Croll Dalgairns], Sofia Annie (1873-1953), police officer

Watts [married name: Watts-Tobin], Ethel (1895-1963), chartered accountant

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