What's new: February 2020

February 13, 2020

This month’s update adds 20 lives of outstanding figures from the nursing profession in the twentieth century, curated by Teresa Doherty of the Royal College Of Nursing.

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New and updated subjects - February 2020

Altschul, Annie Therese (1919-2001), psychiatric nurse and teacher

Anderson, Katharine Edith McCall (1866-1924), civilian and military nurse

Davies, Rachael Annie Cox- (1862-1944), nurse

Fawkes, Barbara Noel (1914-2002), nurse and promoter of nursing education

Gibson, Anne Campbell (1849-1926), nurse and poor law reformer

Gill, Annie Warren (1862-1930), nurse

Grant, Lucy Gwendoline Duff (1894-1984), nurse

Greene, John (1916-2001), nurse and health service manager

Grey, Mona Elizabeth Clara (1910- 2009), nurse and playwright

Haughton, Louisa Victoria (1867 – 1954), nurse

Hockey (formerly Hochsinger), Lisbeth (1918-2004), nurse

Lamb (formerly Young), Margaret Currie Neilson (1906 -1991), nurse educationalist

MacManus, Emily Elvira Primrose (1886-1978), nurse

McIntosh, Annie Sophia Jane (1871-1951), nurse and nursing leader

McKay, (Christina Alexandrina) Tait (1870 – 1949), district nurse

Nuttall, Peggy Dina (1917-2008), nurse and editor

Rule, Juanita Bennett (1914-2008), nurse and educationalist

Simpson, (Hilda) Marjorie (1914-1992), nurse and promoter of nursing research

Sparshott, Margaret Elwin (1870-1940), nurse

Yapp, Charlotte Seymour (1879-1934), nurse

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