What's new: January 2020

January 9, 2020

The January 2020 update adds 228 people who died in 2016, and who left their mark on British national life.

From January 2020, the Oxford DNB offers biographies of 73,184 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 75,558 articles. 11,774 biographies include a portrait image of the subject—researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - January 2020

Abbensetts, Michael John (1938-2016), playwright and television screenwriter

Adam, Sir Kenneth Hugo (Ken) (1921–2016), art director and production designer for film

Adams, Richard George (1920-2016), author

Aherne, Caroline Mary (1963–2016), comedian, actress, and writer

Alexander, Jean (real name Jean Margaret Hodgkinson) (1926–2016), actress

Anstee, Dame Margaret Joan (1926-2016), diplomatist and international civil servant

Artis, Michael John (Mike) (1938-2016), economist

Ashmore, Sir Edward Beckwith (1919-2016), naval officer

Avery, Gillian Elise (1926-2016), children’s writer and historian of children’s literature

Baer, Sir Jack Mervyn Frank (1924-2016), art dealer

Bailes, Alyson Judith Kirtley (1949–2016), diplomatist

Balme, David Edward (1920-2016), naval officer and woolbroker

Barrow, Anthony Frederick James (Tony) (1936-2016), journalist and public relations executive

Bawden, Charles Roskelly (1924–2016), historian and Mongolian scholar

Beauman (née Kinsey-Miles, second married name Howard), Sally Vanessa (1944-2016), journalist, novelist, and theatre historian

Bedford, Brian Anthony (1935–2016), actor

Bevan, Sir Timothy Hugh (1927-2016), banker

Blue, Lionel (1930-2016), rabbi, broadcaster, and author

Borrie, Gordon Johnson, Baron Borrie (1931-2016), legal scholar and government regulator

Bowie, David (real name David Robert Jones) (1947-2016), singer and actor

Braithwaite, Eustace Edward Adolph Ricardo (known as E.R. Braithwaite) (1912-2016), author, educationist, and diplomatist

Brampton, Sally Jane (1955-2016), journalist, editor, and author

Brand, (Charles) Peter (1923-2016), Italian scholar

Briggs, Asa, Baron Briggs (1921-2016), historian, university administrator, and college head

Brookner (née Bruckner), Anita (1928-2016), art historian and novelist

Brown, Eric Melrose (Winkle) (1919-2016), naval officer and test pilot

Budge, Richard John (1947-2016), entrepreneur and coal owner

Buller, Frederick Henry Ernest (Fred) (1926-2016), angler, businessman, and historian

Burbridge, Bransome Arthur (Branse) (1921-2016), air force officer

Butler, Colin Gaskin (1913-2016), entomologist

Cainer, Jonathan Ellis (1957-2016), astrologer

Cameron, John Taylor, Lord Coulsfield (1934–2016), advocate and judge

Campbell, James (1935-2016), historian

Cassels, Sir John Seton (1928-2016), civil servant and educationalist

Castledine, Ann (Annie) (1939-2016), theatre director

Cecil (née Wyndham-Quin), Marjorie Olein (Mollie) Gascoyne-, marchioness of Salisbury (1922-2016), chatelaine and garden designer

Chaloner, William Gilbert (Bill) (1928-2017), palaeobotanist

Cheek, (Doris) Malvina (1915-2016), artist

Chilton, John James (1932-2016), trumpeter, bandleader, and jazz historian

Clark, James Arthur (Jim) (1931-2016), film editor

Clark, Sir Robert (Robin) Chichester- (1928-2016), politician

Cohen, Harold (1928-2016), artist

Corbett, Ronald Balfour (Ronnie) (1930-2016), actor and comedian

Corfield, Sir Kenneth George (1924–2016), mechanical engineer and industrialist

Corri, Adrienne (real name Adrienne Riccoboni) (1931-2016), actress

Cox (née Leadbeater), Helen Joanne (Jo) (1974-2016), politician

Crampton (née Wood), Patricia Elizabeth Cardew (1925-2016), translator

Croome, (Helen) Angela (1925-2016), journalist and author

Dalibor (née Cely), Vlasta (1921-2016), puppeteer

Daly, Edward Kevin (Eddie) (1933–2016), Roman Catholic bishop of Derry

Daniels, Newton Edward (Paul) (1938-2016), magician and entertainer

Davies, (Stephen) Howard (1945-2016), theatre director

Davies, Sir Peter Maxwell (Max) (1934-2016), composer and conductor

Davin, Delia (1944-2016), China scholar

de Cardi, Beatrice Eileen (1914-2016), archaeologist

De Trey, Marianne (1913–2016), potter

Derbyshire, Sir Andrew George (1923–2016), architect and planner

Dickens, Frank William Huline- (known as Frank Dickens) (1931-2016), cartoonist, illustrator, and writer

Dickenson, Sir Aubrey Fiennes Trotman- (1926-2016), chemist and university administrator

Diski (née Simmonds), Jennifer Jane (Jenny) (1947-2016), novelist and author

Disley, John Ivor (1928-2016), athlete, mountaineer, and sports administrator

Dubois, Edward George (Ed) (1952-2016), yacht designer

Ekins, Roger Philip (1926-2016), biophysicist

Ellenby, John (1941-2016), computer engineer and businessman

Evans, Matthew, Baron Evans of Temple Guiting (1941-2016), publisher

Fenn, Sir Nicholas Maxted (Nick) (1936-2016), diplomatist

Finlay, Francis (Frank) (1926-2016), actor

Fitzwalter, Raymond Alan (Ray) (1944-2016), journalist and television editor

Ford, Emile (real name [Michael] Emile Telford Miller, also known as Emile Sweetnam) (1937–2016), singer, musician, and sound engineer

Forster [married name Davies], Margaret (1938-2016), novelist and biographer

French (née Bushell), Mary Patricia (1926-2016), netball player and coach

Gardiner, Samuel Trevor (Sam) (1936-2016), poet

Gaskill, William (1930–2016), theatre director

George, Patrick Herbert (1923-2016), artist

Gilbert, Cecil James (Jimmy) (1923–2016), television producer and executive

Gill, Adrian Anthony (known as A.A. Gill) (1954-2016), journalist

Goff, Robert Lionel Archibald, Baron Goff of Chieveley (1926-2016), judge

Gomelsky, Giorgio Sergio Alessandro (1934-2016), impresario and music entrepreneur

Goodall, Sir (Arthur) David Saunders (1931-2016), diplomatist

Gore, Sylvia Margaret (1944-2016), footballer, football coach, and football manager

Granger, Kate Miriam (1981-2016), geriatrician and campaigner for compassionate care in health services

Greene, Graham Carleton (1936-2016), publisher, businessman, and public servant

Gregory, Stanley (Stan) (1926-2016), geographer

Grosvenor, Gerald Cavendish, sixth duke of Westminster (1951-2016), landowner, territorial soldier, and philanthropist

Gubay, Albert (1928-2016), businessman

Gwenlan, Gareth (1937-2016), television producer, director, and executive

Gwilliam, John Albert (1923-2016), rugby union player and teacher

Hadid, Dame Zaha Mohammad (1950-2016), architect

Hamilton, (Mervyn Ian) Guy (1922-2016), film director

Hardy (née Evanson), Carolyn (1930-2016), gardener and charity administrator

Hardy (née Nathan), Barbara Gladys (1924-2016), literary critic and poet

Henderson, Sir Denys Hartley (1932-2016), industrialist

Herxheimer, Andrew (1925–2016), physician and clinical pharmacologist

Hesse, Mary Brenda (1924–2016), philosopher of science

Hide, Raymond (1929-2016), geophysicist

Hill, Sir Geoffrey William (1932–2016), poet

Hinde, Robert Aubrey (1923-2016), biologist and ethologist

Hines, (Melvin) Barry (1939-2016), author and screenwriter

Hodgkinson, Patrick Geoffrey (1930-2016), architect

Holman, Robert (Bob) (1936-2016), social worker and anti-poverty campaigner

Honour, (Patrick) Hugh (1927-2016), writer and art historian

Howell, Georgina (1942-2016), journalist and biographer

Hubbard (née Newman), Denise Audrey St Aubyn (1924-2016), high diver and sailor

Humphreys, Glyn William (1954-2016), experimental psychologist

Jay, Sir Antony Rupert (Tony) (1930-2016), writer, management consultant, and film producer

Jeeps, Richard Eric Gautrey (Dickie) (1931-2016), rugby union player, fruit farmer, and sports administrator

Jefferies, David George (1933-2016), industrialist

Jeffery, Keith John (1952-2016), historian

Jenkin, (Charles) Patrick Fleeming, Baron Jenkin of Roding (1926-2016), politician

Jenkins, David Edward (1925-2016), theologian and bishop of Durham

Jolly, June Doris (1928-2016), children's nurse

Jones, Sir (Owen) Trevor (1926-2016), businessman and local government politician

Jost, (Hans) Peter Israel (known as H. Peter Jost) (1921-2016), engineer and tribologist

Kakkar, Vijay Vir (1937-2016), vascular surgeon

Kettlewell, Dame Marion Mildred (1914-2016), director of the Women’s Royal Naval Service

Kibble, Sir Thomas Walter Bannerman (Tom) (1932-2016), theoretical physicist

King, Samuel Beaver (Sam) (1926-2016), community activist and founder of the Windrush Foundation

Knightley, Philip George (1929-2016), investigative journalist and author

Kohn, Sir Ralph (1927-2016), pharmacologist, singer, and philanthropist

Kroto, Sir Harold Walter (Harry) (1939-2016), chemist

Kwouk, Herbert Wei-Chen (Burt) (1930-2016), actor

Lake, Gregory Stuart (Greg) (1947-2016), singer, guitarist, and producer

Lane, Carla (real name Roma Barrack) (1928-2016), television scriptwriter and animal rights campaigner

Lash, Christopher John Alleyne (name in religion Symeon, subsequently Ephrem) (1930-2016), Greek Orthodox priest, theologian, and translator

Leach, (Charles Guy) Rodney, Baron Leach of Fairford (1934-2016), merchant banker and political organizer

Lubbock, Eric Reginald, fourth Baron Avebury (1928–2016), politician, social reformer, and human rights activist

Lyons, John (1926- 2016), trade unionist

MacKay, Sir David John Cameron (1967-2016), physicist

MacKay, Sir Donald Iain (1937-2016), economist and businessman

Marks, (Dennis) Howard (1945-2016), drug smuggler and campaigner for the legalization of marijuana,

Marriner, Sir Neville (1924-2016), conductor and violinist

Martin, Sir George Henry (1926-2016), record producer

Massey, Doreen Barbara (1944-2016), geographer

Mathias, Peter (1928-2016), economic historian and college head

Mayhew, Patrick Barnabas Burke, Baron Mayhew of Twysden (1929-2016), politician

McCaffrey, Sir Thomas Daniel (Tom) (1922-2016), civil servant and press secretary

McGowan, Walter Roderick MacKay (1942-2016), boxer

Mercer, Ian Dews (1933-2016), conservationist and environmentalist

Michael, George (real name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou) (1963–2016), singer and songwriter

Michelmore, Arthur Clifford (Cliff) (1919-2016), broadcaster

Milsom, Stroud Francis Charles (Toby) (1923-2016), legal historian

Mitter (née Sanyal), Swasti (1939-2016), economist

Moorbath, Stephen Erwin (1929-2016), geologist

Morse, Sir (Christopher) Jeremy (1928-2016), banker

Murray, Gordon Marr (1921-2016), puppeteer and television producer

Murray, Ronald James King, Lord Murray (1922-2016), lawyer and politician

Murrell, John Norman (1932-2016), chemist

Naylor, Martin James (1944-2016), sculptor

Neal, Bernard George (1922-2016), civil engineer and croquet player

Neill, Francis Patrick (Pat), Baron Neill of Bladen (1926-2016), barrister, public servant, and college head

Neville, Richard Clive (1941-2016), writer, editor, and provocateur

Nineham, Dennis Eric (1921-2016), New Testament scholar and college head

O’Brien, Sir William Donough (1916-2016), naval officer

Oulton, Sir (Antony) Derek Maxwell (1927-2016), civil servant

Parkinson, (Edward) Cecil, Baron Parkinson (1931-2016), politician

Pashley, Anne (1935-2016), athlete and opera singer

Patel, Kirit Chimanbhai Tulshibhai (1949-2016), pharmacist and entrepreneur

Peach, Sir Harry Leonard (Len) (1932-2016), businessman and health service administrator

Pereira, Margaret (1928-2016), forensic scientist

Perry, James (Jimmy) (1923-2016), actor, comedy writer, and songwriter

Peston, Maurice Harry, Baron Peston (1931-2016), economist

Peters (née Petronzio, married name Milne-Buckley), Sylvia Lucia (1925–2016), television announcer and presenter

Pignon (née Hickey), Melvyn Mary (1930-2016), hockey player and author

Plant (née Lunn; second married name Simpson), Jane Anne (1945-2016), geochemist

Poore, (Martin Edward) Duncan (1925-2016), ecologist and conservationist

Prior, James Michael Leathes (Jim), Baron Prior (1927-2016), farmer, businessman, and politician

Rabinowitz, Harry (1916-2016), musical director, arranger, and composer

Read, Benedict William (Ben) (1945-2016), art historian

Relph, Simon George Michael (1940-2016), film producer and executive

Remedios, Alberto Telisforo (1935–2016), singer

Rennison, Louise Patricia (1951-2016), novelist and comedian

Reynolds, Stanley Ambrose (1934-2016), journalist, literary critic, and author

Rhodes (née Elphinstone), Margaret (1925-2016), aristocrat and courtier

Rickman, Alan Sidney Patrick (1946-2016), actor and director

Rix, Brian Norman Roger, Baron Rix (1924-2016), actor-manager and disability campaigner

Roper, John Francis Hodgess, Baron Roper (1935-2016), economist and politician

Sachs, Andreas Siegfried (Andrew) (1930-2016), actor

Saville, Philip (1927-2016), television, film, and theatre director

Sellers, Piers John (1955-2016), astronaut and climate scientist

Shaffer, Sir Peter Levin (1926-2016), playwright

Sheringham, Michael Hugh Tempest (Micky) (1948-2016), scholar of French literature

Shrimsley, Bernard Benn (1931-2016), journalist and newspaper editor

Sim (married name Attenborough), Sheila Beryl Grant, Lady Attenborough (1922-2016), actress

Singh, Sir Mota Matharu (1930-2016), barrister and judge

Slocombe, (Ralph) Douglas Vladimir (1913-2016), cinematographer

Smith, (Charles) Richard (1931-2016), artist

Smith, Annette Dionne Karmiloff- (1938-2016), developmental cognitive neuroscientist

Smith, Jonathan Simon Christopher Riley- (1938-2016), historian

Smith, Liz (real name Betty Gleadle; married name Thomas) (1921-2016), actress

Snellgrove, David Llewellyn (1920-2016), Tibetan scholar

Spalding, (Dudley) Brian (1923-2016), mechanical engineer

Spencer (née Hull), Margaret Annie (Peggy) (1920-2016), dance teacher and choreographer

Spillius (née Bott), Elizabeth Jane (1924-2016), social anthropologist and psychoanalyst

Stead, Jean Laura (1926-2016), journalist

Stein, (Walter) Peter Gonville (1926-2016), legal scholar

Sternberg, Sir Sigmund (Siggy) (1921-2016), businessman, interfaith activist, and philanthropist

Stewart, Gordon Thallon (1919-2016), physician and public health scientist

Stigwood, Robert Colin (1934-2016), music impresario and film producer

Studholme, Marion [married name Downie], singer (1927-2016), singer

Sullivan, Michael (Mick) (1934-2016), rugby league player

Suschitzky, Wolfgang (Wolf) (1912-2016), photographer and cinematographer

Swarbrick, David Cyril Eric (Dave or Swarb) (1941-2016), violinist, singer, and composer

Swinburn, Walter Robert John (Wally) (1961-2016), jockey and racehorse trainer

Swire, Sir John Anthony (1927–2016), businessman

Sykes, Norma Ann (known as Sabrina) (1936-2016), glamour model and variety performer

Taylor, Thomas, Baron Taylor of Blackburn (1929-2016), politician

Thomas, (Antony) Charles (1928-2016), archaeologist and historian

Thompson, George Henry (1928–2016), politician and Roman Catholic priest

Trevor, William (real name William Trevor Cox) (1928-2016), short story writer, novelist, and playwright

Urry, John Richard (1946-2016), sociologist

Vickerman, Keith (1933-2016), protozoologist

Wallace, Sir Christopher Brooke Quentin (1943-2016), army officer

Walton, John Nicholas, Baron Walton of Detchant (1922-2016), neurologist

Warren, Tony (real name Anthony McVay Simpson) (1936-2016), television scriptwriter

Waterfield, Giles Adrian (1949-2016), museum curator, art historian, and novelist

Weidenfeld, (Arthur) George, Baron Weidenfeld (1919-2016), publisher

Wesker, Sir Arnold (1932-2016), playwright

Whiteley, Sir Peter John Frederick (1920-2016), Royal Marines officer and lieutenant-governor of Jersey

Wilkinson, Sir Denys Haigh (1922-2016), physicist and university administrator

Williams, Allan Richard (1930-2016), entrepreneur and music promoter

Wogan, Sir Michael Terence (Terry) (1938–2016), broadcaster

Wondrausch (née Lambert), Mary Angela (1923-2016), potter, painter, and writer on food

Wood, Peter Lawrence (1925–2016), theatre director

Wood, Victoria (1953-2016), comedian, writer, and actress

Young, Sir Brian Walter Mark (1922-2016), educationist, broadcasting regulator, and churchman

Young, Sir Leslie Ronald (Jimmy) (1921–2016), singer and broadcaster

Zeeman, Sir (Erik) Christopher (1925-2016), mathematician

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