Four important women who championed peace

March 23, 2019

Kathleen Lonsdale"Throughout history women have struggled against adversity in order to enable future generations of women to have a greater freedom of choice. Though history favours the warriors, monarchs, and rebels, female pacifists and mediators behind the scenes were just as vital in the fight for equality. Female peacemakers are among those women who have made a substantial impact on the world, yet between 1990 and 2017 women represented only 2% of mediators and 8% of negotiators in major peace processes, despite the importance of women’s input in policy-related decisions.

In celebration of women committed to peace, here are four women from history who supported pacifism or who fought for women’s equality through nonviolent methods."

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Featured image credit: "Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (1903–1971)" by Charles Hewitt, 1948 © Getty Images / Charles Hewitt

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