What's New: March 2019?

March 14, 2019

The March 2019 update adds 16 articles, containing 16 biographies, accompanied by 4 portrait likenesses. The particular focus is on women’s lives in the nineteenth century and on twentieth-century women historians. These newly-added lives are introduced by Professor Rosemary Mitchell of Leeds Trinity University and by Dr Laura Carter of the University of Cambridge.

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New and updated subjects - March 2019

Fay [née Moore], (Ann) Patricia (d.1979), arts education charity founder


Goveia, Elsa Vesta (d. 1980), historian


Greatorex, Martha (d.1829), keyboardist and composer


Hodgson (née Gibson; first married name: Roberts), Agnes Willoughby (d.1949), journalist and antiques expert


Lobel [née Rogers], Mary Doreen [Roddy] (d.1993), historian and editor


Macready [M’cready] (née Desmond), Sarah (d.1853), actress and theatre manager


Meads [née Gladish], Dorothy May (d.1958), historian and college principal


Porter, Enid Mary (d.1984), historian and museum curator


Purdie (née Ayres), Ethel Matilda Ayres (d.1923), accountant and suffragist


Smith, Mary Harris (d.1934), accountant  


Stodart, Mary Anne (d. 1866), schoolteacher and advice book writer


Stuart (née Fraser), Elma (d.1903), woodcarver, nutritionist, and confidante of George Eliot


Trevor, Sarah Frances [Fanny] (d.1904), college principal


Warde (née Becker),  Beatrice Lamberton Becker (d.1969), typographer


Watts [née Fraser Tytler ], Mary Seton (d.1938), artist, designer, and architect  


Whitwell, Catherine Vale (d.1873), educationist and communitarian

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