What's new: January 2019

January 10, 2019

The January 2019 update adds 226 people who died in 2015, and who left their mark on British national life.

From January 2019, the Oxford DNB offers biographies of 60,984 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 63,251 articles. 11,671 biographies include a portrait image of the subject—researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - January 2019

Abrahams, Ivor (d.2015), painter, printmaker, and art teacher

Alexander, Andrew Clive (d.2015), journalist and author

Allen [née Sutton], Margaret (d.2015) journalist

Ash [née Sidhanta], Ranjana (d.2015), literary scholar

Atkinson, Sir Robert (d.2015), naval officer and businessman

Balharry, Richard [Dick] (d.2015), environmental campaigner and conservationist

Barr, (Isabel) Ann (d.2015), journalist and author

Barron, Sir Douglas James (d.2015), businessman, philanthropist, and public servant

Baxter [née Robertson], Euphemia Ellen [Ena] (d.2015), businesswoman

Bayley, John Oliver (d.2015), journalist and author

Bayly, Sir Christopher Allan (Chris) (d.2015), historian of India and empire

Beetham, Sir Michael Clarence James (d.2015), air force officer

Bell, Ian Mackay (d.2015), journalist and author

Beltrami, Joseph (Joe) (d.2015), solicitor advocate

Bennett, Joyce Mary (d.2015), educationist and Anglican priest

Besson, Anita Claudia (d.2015), gallery owner

Beverley, Joy (d.2015), singer

Black, Cilla [real name Priscilla White] (d.2015), singer and television presenter

Black, Sir [John] Jeremy (d.2015), naval officer

Bosworth, (Clifford) Edmund (d.2015), orientalist and historian

Brind, Bryony Jane Susan St John (d.2015), ballet dancer

Brittan, Leon, Baron Brittan of Spennithorne (d.2015), politician

Brittenden, (Charles) Arthur (d.2015), newspaper editor

Brock, Juliet Clutton d. (d.2015), archaeozoologist

Brown, Errol Ainsworth Glenstor (d.2015), singer and songwriter

Brown, Michael Barratt (d.2015), economist, educationist, and political activist

Browne, Sheila Jeanne (d.2015), French scholar, educationist, and college head

Burgess, Sir Edward Arthur [Ted] (d.2015), army officer

Buxton, Nigel Edward (d.2015), travel writer and broadcaster

Cadbury, Sir (George) Adrian Hayhurst (d.2015), businessman

Calvert [née Parker; second married name Lowry], Barbara Adamson, Lady Lowry (d.2015), barrister and chair of industrial tribunals

Carr, Sir (Albert) Raymond Maillard (d.2015), historian and college head

Carter, Sir Philip David (d.2015), businessman and football executive

Cartwright, (Edgar) David Beverley (d.2015), oceanographer

Cesarani, David Ian (d.2015), historian

Chadwick, (William) Owen (d.2015), clergyman, church historian, and college head

Chalmers, Sandra Locke [Sandy] (d.2015), broadcaster and broadcasting executive

Cherry, (Winifred) Mary (d.2015), agricultural journalist and charity chair

Clarke, Mary (d.2015), dance critic

Clemens, Brian Horace (d.2015), screenwriter and producer

Close, (Dennis) Brian (d.2015), cricketer and footballer

Cole, George Edward (d. 2015), actor

Coleman, (Kenneth) George Churchill (d.2015), police officer

Collins, Jacqueline Jill (Jackie) (d.2015), novelist

Conquest, (George) Robert Acworth (d.2015), poet and historian

Cowley, Roger Arthur (d.2015), physicist

Cox, (Alfred) Peter (d.2015), arts administrator and educationist

Cranfield, Charles Ernest Burland (d.2015), United Reformed Church minister and New Testament scholar

Crone, Patricia (d.2015), historian and scholar of Islam

Cropper, Peter John (d.2015), violinist

Cubbon, Sir Brian Crossland (d.2015), civil servant

Dangoor, Sir Naim Eliahou (d.2015), businessman and philanthropist

Davies, Bryan Martin (d.2015), teacher and poet

Dickinson, Peter Malcolm de Brissac (d.2015), crime novelist and children’s author

Dimmock, Peter Harold Moss (d.2015), broadcaster

Dommett, Roy Leonard (d.2015), missile scientist

Doonican, Michael Valentine (Val) (d.2015), singer

Duke, Geoffrey Ernest [Geoff] (d.2015), racing motorcyclist

Eales [married name Hayes], Margaret Jean (Maggie) (d.2015), news editor and media executive

Eddery, Patrick James John [Pat] (d.2015), jockey and racehorse trainer

Edwards, Sir Samuel Frederick (Sam) (d.2015)), physicist

Eley, Daniel Douglas (Dan) (d.2015), physical chemist

Elkes, Joel (d.2015), psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist

Erulkar (married name de Normanville), Sarah (d.2015), documentary film-maker

Evans, Meredydd (Merȇd) (d.2015), writer, broadcaster, and political activist

Ezra, Derek Joseph, Baron Ezra (d.2015), industralist

Faris, (Samuel) Alexander (Sandy) (d.2015), conductor and composer

Ford, Sir Robert Cyril (d.2015), army officer

French, Philip Neville (d.2015), film critic, radio producer, and journalist

Frere, Sheppard Sunderland (d.2015), archaeologist and historian

Friel, Brian (d.2015), author and playwright

Garner, Sir Anthony Stuart [Tony] (d.2015), political organizer and public affairs consultant

Gaskell, Sir Richard Kennedy Harvey (d.2015), solicitor

Gavron, Robert [Bob], Baron Gavron (d.2015), printer, publisher, and philanthropist

Gery, Sir Robert Lucian Wade d. (d.2015), diplomatist

Gilbert, Sir Martin John (d.2015), historian

Girling [married name Caro], Sheila May, Lady Caro (d.2015), painter

Goff, Martyn (d.2015), bookseller, author, and literary prize administrator

Gold, Jacob Myer (Jack) (d.2015), film and television director

Goode, Coleridge George Emerson (d.2015), double bass player

Goody, Sir John Rankine (Jack) (d.2015), social anthropologist

Gordon, (Archibald) Ronald McDonald (d.2015), bishop of Portsmouth and bishop at Lambeth

Gorman (nee Moore), Teresa Ellen (d.2015), entrepreneur and politician

Gosling, Raymond George (d.2015), biophysicist

Gowan, James (d.2015), architect

Grabham, Sir Anthony Herbert [known as Tony] (d.2015), surgeon and medical politician

Graveney, Thomas William (Tom) (d.2015), cricketer

Gray (née Greenway), (Edna) Eileen Mary (d.2015), cyclist and promoter of women’s sports

Gregson, Sir Peter Lewis (d.2015), civil servant

Griffiths, William Hugh, Baron Griffiths (d.2015),judge

Gruffydd, (Robert) Geraint (d.2015), Welsh scholar

Hague, Sir Douglas Chalmers (d.2015), economist and educationist

Hall, Alan (d.2015), molecular and cell biologist

Harrington, Illtyd (d.2015), teacher and local politician

Harris, (Diana) Julie Peggy Iris (d.2015), film costume designer

Harrison (née Warren), (Valerie) Margaret (d.2015), family welfare campaigner and charity founder

Hayward, Sir Jack Arnold (d.2015), businessman and philanthropist

Healey, Denis, Baron Healey (d.2015), politician and author

Heatly, Sir Peter (d.2015), civil engineer, diver, and sports administrator

Henderson, Russell Audley Ferdinand (Russ) (d.2015), jazz pianist, steel -pan drummer, and bandleader

Hepple, Sir Bob Alexander (d.2015), legal scholar and college head

Hill, James William Thomas (Jimmy) (d.2015), professional footballer, football manager, and sports broadcaster

Hobday, Sir Gordon Ivan (d.2015), chemist, pharmacologist, and businessman

Hopkins, John Victor Lindsay [Hoppy] (d.2015), photographer and cultural activist

Horlock, Sir John Harold (d.2015), engineer and university administrator

Houston, (Ann) Penelope (d.2015), film critic and magazine editor

Howard, Alan Mackenzie (d.2015), actor

Howe, (Richard Edward) Geoffrey, Baron Howe of Aberavon (d.2015), politician

Hyams, Harry John (.2015), property developer and art collector

Irvin, Albert Henry Thomas [Bert], Albert (d.2015), artist

Jaffrey, Saeed (d.2015), actor and writer

Janner, Greville Ewan, Baron Janner of Braunstone (d.2015), politician

Jardine [née Bronowski], Lisa Anne (d.2015), historian and public intellectual

Jeremy (nee Jacobs), Caroline Monat (d.2015), marketing manager

Johnson, Richard Keith (d.2015), actor and producer

Jones, Julia Marian (d.2015), actress and television scriptwriter

Jones (nee Lardge), Robyn Anne (d.2015), caterer

Katin, Peter Roy (d.2015), pianist

Kavanagh, Patrick Joseph Gregory (pen name P. J. Kavanagh) (d.2015), poet, novelist, and writer

Kemp [née Rushton], Gene Mary (d.2015), children's author

Kendrick (née Boak), Mary Patricia (d.2015), tidal engineer

Kennedy, Charles Peter (d.2015), politician

Kenrick, Donald Simon (d.2015), Romani scholar

Kilmister, Ian Fraser (Lemmy) (d.2015), bass guitarist and singer

Kilpatrick, Robert, Baron Kilpatrick of Kincraig (d.2015), physician

Kirkbride, Anne (d.2015), actress

Kitzinger (nee Webster), Sheila Helena Elizabeth (d.2015), anthropologist and childbirth activist

Kreisel, Georg (d.2015), mathematical logician and philosopher of mathematics

Lainson, Ralph (d.2015), parasitologist

Laird, Endell Johnston (d.2015), journalist and newspaper editor

Langford, Paul (d.2015), historian and college head

Lee, Sir Christopher Frank Carandini (d.2015), actor

Leech, Kenneth (1939 d.2015), theologian and social critic

Lee Kuan Yew, Harry (d.2015), prime minister of Singapore

Lilley, Geoffrey Michael (d.2015), aeronautical and aerospace engineer

Loudon, Irvine Stuart Lees (d.2015), general practitioner, medical historian, and artist

Mackay, David Craig (Dave) (d.2015), professional footballer and manager

Mackie, George Yull, Baron Mackie of Benshie (d.2015), farmer and politician

Mackintosh, Nicholas John Seymour Munro [Nick] (d.2015), experimental and comparative psychologist

MacLennan, Elizabeth Margaret Ross [Liz] (d.2015), actress, writer, and theatre producer

MacNeil (married name MacInnes), Flora Teresa (d.2015), singer

Marks, Dennis Michael (1948 d.2015), documentary film-maker, broadcaster, and opera administrator

Marqusee, Michael John (Mike) (d.2015), writer and political activist

Marshall, Christopher John [Chris] (d.2015), cell biologist and cancer researcher

Martin, Louis George (d.2015), weightlifter and physical culturist

Mason, Roy, Baron Mason of Barnsley (d.2015), miner and politician

Mason, Sir (Basil) John (d.2015), physicist and meteorologist

McCabe, John (d.2015), composer and pianist

McEwan, Geraldine [real name Geraldine McKeown] (d.2015), actress and director

McFall, Andrew Raymond Langford (Ray) (d.2015), club owner and businessman

McIlvanney, William Angus (d.2015), novelist, poet, and journalist

Meacher, Michael Hugh (d.2015), politician

Meade, Richard John Hannay (d.2015), equestrian

Mitchell, Warren (real name Warren Misell) (d.2015), actor

Mitchell, William Reginald (Bill or W. R.) (d.2015), journalist and author

Molyneaux, James Henry, Baron Molyneaux of Killead (d.2015), politician

Montagu, Edward John Barrington Douglas-Scott-, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu (d.2015), museum founder, historian of motoring, and public servant

Moore, (Sir) Norman Winfrid, third baronet (d.2015), conservationist, entomologist, and ecologist

Moser, Claus Adolf, Baron Moser (d.2015), statistician, college head, and public servant

Mustill, Michael John, Baron Mustill (d.2015), judge and legal scholar

Nobbs, David Gordon (d.2015), comedy writer and novelist

Noon, Gulam Kaderbhoy, Baron Noon (d.2015), entrepreneur and philanthropist

Notcutt, Charles Roger Macpherson (d.2015), horticulturist and businessman

O'Sullevan, Sir Peter (d.2015), journalist and sports broadcaster

Parry, Natasha (d.2015), actress

Patten (nee Brown), (Hilda Elsie) Marguerite (d.2015), cookery writer and broadcaster

Payne, Cynthia Diane (d.2015), brothel-keeper and campaigner

Peel, John David Yeadon (d.2015), sociologist and anthropologist

Percival, John Lancelot Blades (Lance) (d.2015), actor and writer

Phillips, Robin (d.2015), director, designer, and actor

Pilbeam, Nova Margery (d.2015), actress

Platt (née Myatt), Beryl Catherine, Baroness Platt of Writtle (d.2015), engineer, local government politician, and public servant

Porter, Andrew Brian (d.2015), music critic and librettist

Pratchett, Sir Terence David John (Terry) (d.2015), author

Pugh, Derek Salman (d.2015), organizational psychologist and management scholar

Rackham, Oliver (d.2015), ecologist and historian

Ranger, Terence Osborn (Terry) (d.2015), historian, FBA

Ransford, Teresa Mary (Tessa) (d.2015), poet, editor, and library founder

Read, Sir John Emms (d.2015), industrialist and banker

Reckord, Lloyd Malcolm (d.2015), actor and filmmaker

Rees, Roger John William (d.2015), actor and theatre director

Reid [née Orchin], Christina Jean (d.2015), playwright

Renbourn, John William Mark (d.2015), guitarist, singer, and composer

Rendell, Donald Percy [Don] (d.2015), jazz saxophonist and composer

Rendell, Ruth Barbara, Baroness Rendess of Babergh (d.2015), author

Reynolds, (Eva Mary) Barbara (d.2015), Italian scholar

Roberts, Susan Ann (Sue) Lloyd d. (d.2015), television journalist and human rights campaigner

Roth, Klaus Friedrich (d.2015), mathematician

Rowe, Rosalind (d.2015), table tennis player

Sacks, Oliver Wolf (d.2015), neurologist

Sandars, Nancy Katharine (d.2015), prehistoric archaeologist and poet

Scrivener, Anthony Frank Bertram (d.2015), barrister

Sedgemore, Brian Charles John (d.2015), politician

Sewell, Brian Alfred Christopher Bushell (d.2015), art critic and broadcaster

Sheppard, Allen John George, Baron Sheppard of Didgemere (d.2015), businessman

Sheppard, Norman (d.2015), chemical physicist

Singh, Ajit (d.2015), economist

Sirs, William (Bill) (d.2015), trade unionist

Slater, James Derrick (Jim) (d.2015), financier and children’s author

Smallman, Edward Raymond (Ray) (d.2015), metallurgist

Sonnabend, Yolanda Pauline Tamara (d.2015), artist and stage designer

Squire, Christopher Russell Edward (Chris) (d.2015), bass guitarist

Stevenson, Ronald James (d.2015), composer, pianist, and writer on music

Stowe, Sir Kenneth Ronald (d.2015), civil servant

Sugden, Derek Taylor (d.2015), structural engineer and acoustician

Tizard (née Parker), Barbara Patricia (d.2015), developmental psychologist

Tomlinson, (Arthur) Charles (d.2015), poet and translator

Tomlinson, Ernest (d.2015), composer and conductor

Tovey, Sir Brian John Maynard (d.2015), intelligence officer and civil servant

Trent, Jackie (real name Yvonne Anne Burgess) (d.2015), singer and songwriter

Waddington, Leslie (d.2015), art dealer

Walker, Derek John (d.2015), architect and town planner

Warburton, Dame Anne Marion (d.2015), diplomatist

Wardle, (Frances) Jane (d.2015), clinical psychologist and behavioural cancer prevention scientist

Wegner, (James) Fritz (d.2015), illustrator

Welland, Colin (real name Colin Edward Williams) (d.2015), actor, playwright, and screenwriter

West, Martin Litchfield (d.2015), Greek scholar, textual critic, and philologist

Willcocks, Sir David Valentine (d.2015), conductor, organist, and composer

Williamson, David Francis, Baron Williamson of Horton (d.2015), civil servant and European Union official

Winton [née Wertheim], Sir Nicholas George (Nicky) (d.2015), humanitarian, stockbroker, and finance director

Wise, Michael John (d.2015), geographer

Wofford (nee Palethorpe), Dawn (d.2015), showjumper

Woodhead, Sir Christopher Anthony (Chris) (d.2015), schools inspector

Wormald (adopted name Tannahill, first married name Brown), Jennifer Mary [Jenny] (d.2015), historian

Worth (nee Lorimer), Katharine Joyce (d.2015), theatre scholar and drama critic

Zaman, Saimullah (Sam) (d.2015), music producer, composer, and teacher

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