What's new: August 2018

August 9, 2018

The August 2018 update adds twenty-seven articles (including one reference group article), containing twenty-six biographies, accompanied by ten portrait likenesses. Those entries marked with an asterisk (*) are freely available for a period of three months from publication.

This month's particular focus is on women and Parliament in the period after 1918 when women’s suffrage was (partially) gained, and when women could stand for parliament for the first time. Their biographies have been curated by Dr Mari Takayanagi, senior archivist at the Parliamentary Archives. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - August 2018

Attlee (née Millar), Violet Helen, countess Attlee (1895–1965), charity fund-raiser and prime minister’s wife
Carnegy, Elizabeth Patricia, Baroness Carnegy of Lour (1925–2010), Girl Guides official and educationist
Carney [married name McBride], (Maria) Winifred, [Winnie] (1887–1943), trade unionist, suffrage activist, and Irish republican*
Chamberlain, Annie Vere [Anne] (1882–1967), political wife
Chaplin [née Schofield; other married name Walpole], (Sybil) Judith (1939–1993), politician
Cottrell [née Bryan], Mary Ellen (1868–1969), co-operator and labour activist
Court, Hannah Frances Mary [May] (1880–1945), accountant and parliamentary official
Dacre Fox [née Doherty; later name Elam], Norah (1878–1961), suffragette and political activist
David [née Blakesley], Nora Ratcliff, Baroness David (1913–2009), politician
Fisher [née Satchwell], Doris Mary Gertrude, Baroness Fisher of Rednal (1919–2005), politician
Lloyd George [née Owen], Margaret (1866–1941), politician and charity worker
Lucas [née Stern], Alice Theresa (1853–1924), parliamentary candidate
Mackenzie [née Hughes], (Hettie) Millicent (1863–1942), educationist and suffragist
Matheson, (Marie) Cécile (1874–1950), settlement warden and social worker
McElhone [née Brown], Helen Margaret (1933–2013), politician
McEwan [née Selkirk], Janet Landells (Jenny) (1860–1920), suffragist and politician
Miller [née Haring], Millie (1922–1977), social worker and politician
Plummer [née Lapsker], Beatrice [Beattie], Baroness Plummer (1903–1972), farmer and politician
Quennell, Joan Mary (1923–2006), politician
Scott, Amelia (1860–1952), social reformer and women’s suffrage campaigner
Smith [née Hando; other married names Smith, Blackton], Margaret Rosalind Delacourt-, Baroness Delacourt-Smith (1916–2010), politician
Squire, Rachel Anne (1954–2006), politician and trade unionist
Ward [née Martin], Mary Jane (1851–1933), author, lecturer, and women’s suffrage activist
Winder [née Hayward, other married name Hawke], Florence May [Jean] (1909–2006), parliamentary reporter
Wright [née Clough; other married name Rathbone], Beatrice Frederika, Lady Wright (1910–2003), politician*
Wright, Sheila Rosemary Rivers (1925–2013), social worker and politician

New reference groups - August 2018

Women candidates at the 1918 General Election (act. 1918)

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