What's new: July 2018

July 12, 2018

The July 2018 update adds forty-three articles (including one family article and one reference group article), containing forty-five biographies, accompanied by seven portrait likenesses. Those entries marked with an asterisk (*) are freely available for a period of three months from publication.

Twenty-six of the newly-added lives are of women. They include lives of women engineers who were active in the first half of the twentieth century, many of them founders or early members of the Women’s Engineering Society (1919). Their biographies have been curated by Anne Locker, Library and Archives Manager of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - July 2018

Benest, Cleone de Heveningham [pseud. C. Griff] (1880–1963), motorist, engineer, and metallurgist
Bodington, Alice [née Brooke] (1840–1897), popularizer of science
Branford, William Catton (1835–1891), veterinary surgeon
Brzeska, Sophie Suzanne Gaudier [née Zofia Stefania Brzeska] (1872–1925), writer and poet
Buchanan, Dorothy Donaldson [Dot] (1899–1985) civil engineer
Chance family, manufacturers of glass
Chitty, Letitia (1897–1982), mathematician and civil engineer*
Edwards, Mary (b. ?1741/1742, d. 1815), computer for the Nautical Almanac
Elderton, Ethel Mary (1878–1954), statistician and eugenicist
Entwisle, Gertrude Lilian (1892–1961), engineer
Everett, Alice (1865–1949), astronomer and physicist
Fleet [née Currall; former married name Griffiths], Eliza [known as Eliza James] (1855–1927), watercress grower and entrepreneur
Goodstein, (Reuben) Louis (1912–1985), mathematician
Griffith, Frederick (1877–1941), microbiologist
Hamilton, Catherine Jane [pseud. Retlaw Spring] (1841–1935), author and journalist
Hewlett [née Herbert], Hilda Beatrice (1864–1943), aviator and aircraft manufacturer
Hutchinson, Henry Neville (1856–1927), Church of England clergyman and popularizer of science
Jay, Leonard (1888–1963), printer and teacher
Jayne, Ethel Clara Basil (1874–1940), laundry owner and women’s welfare organizer
Koenig, Friedrich Gottlob (1774–1833), inventor of the steam-driven printing press
Laithwaite, Eric Roberts (1921–1997), electrical engineer
Lee, Alice Elizabeth (1858–1939), statistician and eugenicist
Mair, (William) Austyn (1917–2008), aeronautical engineer
Maxwell, Edwin Arthur (1907–1987), mathematician and educationist
Moir [née Pennycook], Margaret Bruce, Lady Moir (1864–1942), engineer and women’s rights campaigner*
Moir, Sir Ernest William, first Baronet (1862–1933), civil engineer and inventor
Neville, Eric Harold (1889–1961), mathematician and educationist
Parsons, Rachel Mary (1885–1956), engineer, women’s rights campaigner, and racehorse owner
Partridge, Margaret Mary (1891–1967), electrical engineer*
Rowbotham, Margaret Dorothea (1883–1978), engineer
Ruse, Harold Stanley (1905–1974), mathematician
Shaw [married name Pirie], Annie [Anne] Gillespie (1904–1982) production engineer and management consultant
Toplis, John (bap. 1775, d. 1857), mathematical teacher and translator
Tredwell [née Pickering], Alice (bap. 1823, d. 1867), railway contractor
Willett [former name Catt], Henry (1823–1905), brewer and collector
Willson [née Buckley], Laura Annie (1877–1942), suffragette, engineer, and businesswoman*
Wood [née Chick], Frances (1883–1919), medical statistician
Woods [married name Fowke], Hilda Mary (1892–1971), medical statistician and epidemiologist
Wright [née Harford], Anne (1793–1861), writer on natural history
Yudkin, John (1910–1995), nutritionist
Zornlin, Rosina Maria (1795–1859), popularizer of science

New reference groups - July 2018

Founding members of the Women’s Guild of Arts (act. 1907–c. 1939)

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