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JUNE 10, 2021

What's New: June 2021

This month’s update includes a survey of 300 ODNB lives connected with Coventry, UK City of Culture in 2021; and also links thirty-nine lives representing the West India interest, adding four new lives. Read the introduction and the survey of Coventry lives here.

MAY 13, 2021

What's New: May 2021

This month's update adds eighteen lives focused on Early Modern Women and particularly on the adaptions of underground catholic lay culture in the face of religious turbulence and persecution in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England. Read the introduction here.

APRIL 7, 2021

What's New: April 2021

The month’s update adds twelve new lives, featuring six key figures in the history of dyslexia, who laid the scientific grounds for its identification as a learning disorder and pioneered its treatment, introduced by Margaret J. Snowling. There are also new biographies of four nurses, a midwife, and an athletics coach. Read the introduction here.

MARCH 11, 2021

What's New: March 2021

This month’s update adds five new lives: a fourteenth-century master mason who worked on England’s cathedrals; an Italian tutor and a Dutch goldsmith at the Tudor court; and two contractors who rebuilt London churches after the great fire of 1666. Read the introduction here.

FEBRUARY 11, 2021

What's New: February 2021

This month’s update adds ten new articles on lives connected with some of the regions of the British Isles. Read the introduction here.

JANUARY 14, 2021

2021 Update of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The January 2021 update of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford DNB) adds new biographies of 241 men and women who died in the year 2017.

JANUARY 14, 2021

What's New: January 2021

In the latest update, described in the introduction by Sir David Cannadine, we include the biographies of 241 people who died in 2017, and who left their mark on the UK's national life, from Martin McGuinness to Christine Keeler, and from Sir Peter Mansfield to Khadija Saye.

DECEMBER 10, 2020

What's New: December 2020

This month’s update adds thirteen new articles covering DNA researchers, musicologists, and women in politics, diplomacy, authorship, and teaching. Read the summary of new content and review of the 360 lives added in 2020 here.

NOVEMBER 11, 2020

What's New: November 2020

This month’s update includes fifteen new articles on lives connecting the United Kingdom with Australia and New Zealand, the Far East, India, the Indian Ocean, Africa, and North America. Read the summary of new content here.

OCTOBER 8, 2020

What's New: October 2020

This month’s update contains 9 new articles with a special focus on people of Black/African descent who had an impact on the UK.

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