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Annet, Peter (1693–1769), religious controversialist  

James A. Herrick

Annet, Peter (1693–1769), religious controversialist, was born in Liverpool but nothing further is known about his background and early life. He worked for a time as a schoolmaster and developed a widely used system of shorthand that received some recognition. Joseph Priestley learned it at school and corresponded with ...


Cover Godwin, William (1756–1836)

Godwin, William (1756–1836)  

Maker: James Northcote

William Godwin (1756–1836) by James Northcote, 1802 © National Portrait Gallery, London


Godwin, William (1756–1836), philosopher and novelist  

Mark Philp

Godwin, William (1756–1836), philosopher and novelist, was born on 3 March 1756 at Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, the seventh of thirteen children of John Godwin (1723–1772), a dissenting minister, and his wife, Anne (c.1723–1809), the daughter of Richard Hull, a shipowner engaged in the ...


Cover Maudsley, Henry (1835–1918)

Maudsley, Henry (1835–1918)  

Maker: George Jerrard


Henry Maudsley (1835–1918) by George Jerrard, 1881 Wellcome Library, London


Maudsley, Henry (1835–1918), medical psychologist  

T. H. Turner

Maudsley, Henry (1835–1918), medical psychologist, was born on 5 February 1835 at a farmhouse called Rome, near Giggleswick, Yorkshire, the third of the four sons and fourth of seven children of Thomas Maudsley (1798–1880), yeoman farmer, and his wife, Mary Bateson (d...


Morgan, Thomas (1671/2?–1743), theological and medical writer  

Peter Harrison

Morgan, Thomas (1671/2?–1743), theological and medical writer, was of Welsh origin and is said to have been 'a poor lad in a farmer's house' ( Protestant Dissenter's Magazine, 258) near Bridgwater, Somerset. Of his parents nothing is known. In his youth he showed enough promise for a dissenting minister, ...


Ragg, Thomas (1808–1881), preacher and writer  

G. Le G. Norgate

revised by Anne Baltz Rodrick

Ragg, Thomas (1808–1881), preacher and writer, was born at Nottingham on 11 January 1808, the son of George Ragg (1782–1836) and Jane, née Morrison (d. 1822), whose grandfather was a Jacobite. Ragg's father, also born at Nottingham, was great-grandson of Benjamin Ragg...


Soutter, Francis William (1844–1932), political agent and activist  

A. C. Howe

Soutter, Francis William (1844–1932), political agent and activist, was born at 38 Canterbury Street, Lambeth, London, on 23 April 1844, the second child of Francis Soutter (d. 1855), manager of a tobacco manufactory, and his wife, Harriet, née Hancock (d. 1854)...


Turner, Matthew (d. 1789?), chemist and radical theologian  

E. I. Carlyle

revised by Kevin C. Knox

Turner, Matthew (d. 1789?), chemist and radical theologian, was an established surgeon and teacher by 1760; little is known of his life before then. During his most productive years he worked and socialized in the non-Anglican milieu of England's north-western counties, his friends and colleagues including ...


Williams, David (1738–1816), political and religious theorist and founder of the Literary Fund  

Damian Walford Davies

Williams, David (1738–1816), political and religious theorist and founder of the Literary Fund, the son of William David (d. 1752), was born at Waunwaelod, near Watford, on the north slope of Caerphilly Mountain in the parish of Eglwysilan, Glamorgan, south Wales, and baptized there on 9 December 1738. His father invested his money in a shop supplying tools to mining works, but the venture ultimately failed. Three of his brothers '...


Cover Williams, David (1738–1816)

Williams, David (1738–1816)  

Maker: Thornthwaite

David Williams (1738–1816) by Thornthwaite (after John Francis Rigaud, exh. RA 1774) © National Portrait Gallery, London