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Aberhart, William (1878–1943), politician and evangelist in Canada  

Graham Spry

revised by Alvin Finkel

Aberhart, William (1878–1943), politician and evangelist in Canada, was born in Hibbert township, near Seaforth, Perth county, Ontario, on 30 December 1878, the son of William Aberhart (who as a child had been brought from Germany) and his wife, Louisa Pepper, the daughter of an Englishman. He was educated at schools in ...


Abraham, William [pseud. Mabon] (1842–1922), trade unionist and politician  

John Williams

Abraham, William [pseud. Mabon] (1842–1922), trade unionist and politician, was born at Cwmafan, near Port Talbot, Glamorgan, on 14 June 1842, the fourth son of Thomas and Mary Abraham. His father, a coalminer and copper smelter, soon died, leaving his mother to raise a large family. ...


Cover Abraham, William [Mabon] (1842–1922)

Abraham, William [Mabon] (1842–1922)  

Maker: Sir Benjamin Stone


William Abraham [Mabon] (1842–1922) by Sir Benjamin Stone, 1901 © National Portrait Gallery, London


Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910), sculptor  

S. E. Fryer

revised by Anne MacPhee

Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910), sculptor, was born on 11 December 1830 at Acton Hill, Middlesex, one of the two surviving sons and three daughters of William Adams (1778/9–1836), an artist, and his wife, Helen Elizabeth Humphrey (1794–1878). His sister ...


Cover Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910)

Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910)  

Maker: Samuel Alexander Walker


John Adams- Acton (1830–1910) by Samuel Alexander Walker, pubd 1893 © National Portrait Gallery, London


Adam, William (1828–1898), carpet manufacturer  

James Neville Bartlett

Adam, William (1828–1898), carpet manufacturer, was born on 10 June 1828 in Paisley, the eldest of five children and the only son of Peter Adam (c.1798–1861), hand-loom weaver, and his wife, Elisa.

Adam began his career in Paisley, working as a hand-loom cotton weaver and later as a warehouseman. On 16 June 1854 he married ...


Cover Adams, John Couch (1819–1892)

Adams, John Couch (1819–1892)  

Maker: Sir Hubert von Herkomer

John Couch Adams (1819–1892) by Sir Hubert von Herkomer, 1888 Pembroke College, Cambridge


Adams, John Couch (1819–1892), astronomer  

Roger Hutchins