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Cover Clough, Joseph Alan [Joe] (1885–1976)

Clough, Joseph Alan [Joe] (1885–1976)  

Maker: Kinghams Studios


Joseph Clough (1885–1976), by Kinghams Studios, c. 1912

© TfL


Clough, Joseph Alan [Joe] (1885–1976), bus and taxi driver  

John H. Davis

Clough, Joseph Alan [Joe] (1885–1976), bus and taxi driver, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on 10 November 1885, the son of Edward James Clough, foreman tramway conductor. After the early loss of both his parents he was employed as a stable-hand by a Scottish medical practitioner in ...


Crowther, James (1768–1847), botanist and porter  

Anne Secord

Crowther, James (1768–1847), botanist and porter, was born on 24 June 1768 in a cellar near the Wheat Sheaf inn, Deansgate, Manchester, the youngest of the seven children of Richard Crowther, a labourer, and his wife, Hannah. He attended three schools between the ages of six and nine before starting work as a draw-boy in petticoat weaving. For most of his working life he was employed as a porter, first in ...


Hobson, Thomas (1545–1631), carrier  

Thompson Cooper

revised by Dorian Gerhold

Hobson, Thomas (1545–1631), carrier, was the elder son of Thomas Hobson and his wife, Elinor. His birthplace has been stated as Buntingford, Hertfordshire, on the strength of his father's having been born there, but a note on the back of a contemporary petition relating to ...


Cover Hobson, Thomas (1545–1631)

Hobson, Thomas (1545–1631)  

Maker: unknown artist


Thomas Hobson (1545–1631) by unknown artist [original, 1629] © National Portrait Gallery, London


Jempson, (Arthur) John (1904–1981), road haulier  

Theo Barker

Jempson, (Arthur) John (1904–1981), road haulier, was born at Strand Quay, Rye, Sussex, on 14 September 1904, the eldest son in a family of two sons and four daughters of Arthur Jempson (1877–1955) and his wife, Ruth Palmer (1876–1956), daughter of a seed merchant. The parents were Strict Baptists. ...


Levinson, Maurice (1911–1984), taxi driver and author  

John Davis

Levinson, Maurice (1911–1984), taxi driver and author, was born at Kishinev, Bessarabia, Russia, on 24 March 1911, son of Mendel Levinson (1891–1918), tailor, and his wife, Rose (1894–1961), seamstress. He left Bessarabia when he was six months old, following an anti-semitic pogrom in which his grandfather was murdered. After traversing ...


Pickford, Matthew (1741–1799), waggoner and canal carrier  

Gerard Turnbull

Pickford, Matthew (1741–1799), waggoner and canal carrier, was born at Poynton, Cheshire, on 5 July 1741, the eldest of six children of James Pickford (1709–1768) and his wife, Martha (1711–1772). The Pickfords were a Cheshire family. Hailing originally from Adlington, James moved, in 1747, to occupy lands leased from ...


Russell, Robert (1757–1822), carrier  

Dorian Gerhold

Russell, Robert (1757–1822), carrier, was baptized on 8 November 1757 at Burstock, near Beaminster, Dorset, the fifth of the six children of Robert Russell. His father died at Boomer, near North Petherton, Somerset, in 1775 or 1778. His uncle Thomas Russell (1730–1799) became, in the 1760s, a partner in a firm of carriers by horse-drawn wagon between ...


Wiltshire, Walter (1718/19–1799), carrier  

Brenda J. Buchanan

Wiltshire, Walter (1718/19–1799), carrier, is of obscure origins; little is known about his early life, except that he had one brother. The Wiltshires came from the north Somerset countryside, but by the early eighteenth century men of that name were at work in ...


Wordie, William (1810–1874), carrier and contractor  

Edward Paget-Tomlinson

Wordie, William (1810–1874), carrier and contractor, was born on 23 March 1810 at Stirling, son of John Wordie (1783–1830), carrier, and Janet Stewart. William was locally educated and probably went from school into his father's modest cartage business in Stirling, running twice weekly between there and ...