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Cover Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989)

Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989)  

Maker: Morland Braithwaite


Horace Gundry Alexander (1889–1989) by Morland Braithwaite private collection


Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989), Quaker envoy and mediator  

Geoffrey Carnall and J. Duncan Wood

Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989), Quaker envoy and mediator, was born on 18 April 1889 at Croydon, Surrey, the youngest of four sons of Joseph Gundry Alexander (1848–1918), a Quaker barrister and advocate of international arbitration, and of Josephine Crosfield Alexander. He was educated at ...


Badley, John Haden (1865–1967), headmaster  

John Roach

Badley, John Haden (1865–1967), headmaster, was born on 21 February 1865 in Tower Street, Dudley, Worcestershire, the only son of James Payton Badley, surgeon, and his wife, Laura Elizabeth Best. He had three older sisters to whom he was always very close. The home atmosphere was restricted in some ways but very supportive and affectionate, and he enjoyed a happy childhood. ...


Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945), physician  

Richard Aspin

Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945), physician, was born at Brantwood Fold, Edgworth, near Bolton, Lancashire, on 4 September 1845; he was the eldest of seven children of James Barlow (1821–1887) of Greenthorne, Edgworth, who established the cotton mills of Barlow and Jones...


Cover Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945)

Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945)  

Maker: Catharine Dodgson

Sir Thomas Barlow, first baronet (1845–1945) by Catharine Dodgson, 1936 from the collection of the Athenaeum, London


Barnard, Howard Clive (1884–1985), educational historian  

Raymond Wilson


Barnard, Howard Clive (1884–1985), educational historian, was born on 7 June 1884 at 11 King Edward Street in the heart of the City of London, the only child of Howard Barnard, journalist, and his wife, Sarah Ann Haggis. During the eighteenth century his ancestors established a firm of silversmiths in the ...


Beadon, Frederick (1777–1879), Church of England clergyman and centenarian  

William Hunt

revised by H. C. G. Matthew

Beadon, Frederick (1777–1879), Church of England clergyman and centenarian, third son of the Revd Edward Beadon, rector of North Stoneham, Hampshire, was born in London on 6 December 1777. He was educated at Charterhouse School and at Trinity College, Oxford. He took orders in 1801, and was shortly afterwards presented by his uncle, ...


Bell, Julia (1879–1979), geneticist  

Greta Jones

Bell, Julia (1879–1979), geneticist, was born on 28 January 1879 at Sherwood, Nottinghamshire. She was tenth of the fourteen children of James Bell, printer, and Katherine Thomas Heap. She was educated at Nottingham Girls' High School and in 1898 entered Girton College, Cambridge...


Bertorelli, Joe [Giuseppe Domenico] (1893–1994), restaurateur  

Paul Levy

Bertorelli, Joe [Giuseppe Domenico] (1893–1994), restaurateur, was born on 10 June 1893 at Bergazzi di Bardi, Piacenza, Liguria, Italy, the youngest of the four sons of Lazzaro and Marianna Bertorelli. By the time of his birth his father and three elder brothers were already living and working in ...


Cover Booth, Catherine Bramwell- (1883–1987)

Booth, Catherine Bramwell- (1883–1987)  

Maker: Snowdon


Catherine Bramwell- Booth (1883–1987) by Snowdon, 1979 Snowdon / Camera Press, London; collection National Portrait Gallery, London


Booth, Catherine Bramwell- (1883–1987), Salvation Army officer  

Eva Burrows


Booth, Catherine Bramwell- (1883–1987), Salvation Army officer, was born on 20 July 1883 at Hadley Wood, Middlesex, the eldest in the family of two sons and five daughters of (William) Bramwell Booth (1856–1929), Salvation Army general, and his wife, Florence Eleanor Booth, née...


Brittain, Sir Henry Ernest [Harry] (1873–1974), journalist and politician  

Anne Pimlott Baker

Brittain, Sir Henry Ernest [Harry] (1873–1974), journalist and politician, was born on 24 December 1873 at Storth Oaks, Ranmoor, near Sheffield, Yorkshire, the oldest surviving child in the family of two sons and three daughters (one daughter died in infancy) of William Henry Brittain (1835–1922)...


Brockway, (Archibald) Fenner, Baron Brockway (1888–1988), politician and campaigner  

David Howell


Brockway, (Archibald) Fenner, Baron Brockway (1888–1988), politician and campaigner, was born on 1 November 1888 in Calcutta, the only son and eldest of three children of the Revd William George Brockway, London Missionary Society missionary, and his wife, Frances Elizabeth, daughter of William Abbey...


Cover Brockway, (Archibald) Fenner, Baron Brockway (1888–1988)

Brockway, (Archibald) Fenner, Baron Brockway (1888–1988)  

Maker: Bassano

(Archibald) Fenner Brockway, Baron Brockway (1888–1988) by Bassano, 1930 © National Portrait Gallery, London


Buckler, John (1770–1851), artist and architect  

Geoffrey Tyack

Buckler, John (1770–1851), artist and architect, was born on 30 November 1770 at Calbourne, Isle of Wight, and baptized there at All Saints' Church on 27 December, the eldest son of Edward Buckler (1741–1792) and his wife, Hannah (1745–1809), daughter of William Jacob...


Carrie, Isabella Scrimgeour (1878–1981), suffragette and schoolteacher  

Sheila Hamilton

Carrie, Isabella Scrimgeour (1878–1981), suffragette and schoolteacher, was born on 3 May 1878 at 26 Wardmill Road in the parish of St Vigeans, Arbroath, the daughter of Richard Carrie (c.1836–1912), bleachfield worker, and his wife, Ann Robertson Harris (c.1842–1903)...


Chaudhuri, Nirad Chandra (1897–1999), writer  

Niladri Ranjan Chatterjee

Chaudhuri, Nirad Chandra (1897–1999), writer, was born on 23 November 1897 in Kishoregunj, in the district of Mymensingh, East Bengal, India (now in Bangladesh), the second of eight children of Upendra Narayan Chaudhuri (1867–1934), a lawyer, and his wife, Sushila Sundarani Chaudhurani...


Chick, Dame Harriette (1875–1977), nutritionist  

H. M. Sinclair

revised by David F. Smith

Chick, Dame Harriette (1875–1977), nutritionist, was born at 5 Newman Street, London, on 6 January 1875, the fifth child and third daughter of the eleven children (four boys and seven girls) of Samuel Chick, a prosperous lace merchant and property owner, and his wife, ...


Cover Chick, Dame Harriette (1875–1977)

Chick, Dame Harriette (1875–1977)  

Maker: Elliott & Fry


Dame Harriette Chick (1875–1977) by Elliott & Fry © National Portrait Gallery, London


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