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Adams, Fanny (1859–1867), murder victim and source of a colloquial expression  

Tony Cross

Adams, Fanny (1859–1867), murder victim and source of a colloquial expression, was born on 30 April 1859 in Tanhouse Lane, Alton, Hampshire, the fourth of seven children of George Adams (b. 1830), a labourer, later a bricklayer, and his wife, Harriet Mills (...


Cover Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989)

Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989)  

Maker: Morland Braithwaite


Horace Gundry Alexander (1889–1989) by Morland Braithwaite private collection


Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989), Quaker envoy and mediator  

Geoffrey Carnall and J. Duncan Wood

Alexander, Horace Gundry (1889–1989), Quaker envoy and mediator, was born on 18 April 1889 at Croydon, Surrey, the youngest of four sons of Joseph Gundry Alexander (1848–1918), a Quaker barrister and advocate of international arbitration, and of Josephine Crosfield Alexander. He was educated at ...


Anning, Mary (1799–1847), fossil collector and dealer  

H. S. Torrens

Anning, Mary (1799–1847), fossil collector and dealer, was born on 21 May 1799 in a seaside house in Lyme Regis, Dorset. She and her brother Joseph (1796–1849) were the only surviving children of Richard Anning (c.1766–1810), cabinet-maker and carpenter, and his wife, ...


Cover Anning, Mary (1799–1847)

Anning, Mary (1799–1847)  

Maker: unknown artist


Mary Anning (1799–1847) by unknown artist, before 1842 © The Natural History Museum, London


Ashford [married name Devlin], Margaret Mary Julia [Daisy] (1881–1972), child writer  

Hugo Brunner


Ashford [married name Devlin], Margaret Mary Julia [Daisy] (1881–1972), child writer, was born on 7 April 1881 at Elm Lodge, Petersham, Surrey, the eldest of the three daughters of William Henry Roxburghe Ashford (1836–1912), a former official of the War Office, and his wife, ...


Cover Ashford, Margaret Mary Julia [Daisy] (1881–1972)

Ashford, Margaret Mary Julia [Daisy] (1881–1972)  

Maker: unknown photographer


Margaret Mary Julia Ashford (1881–1972) by unknown photographer, c. 1890 Getty Images


Aspull, George (1813–1832), pianist  

W. B. Squire

revised by Anne Pimlott Baker

Aspull, George (1813–1832), pianist, was born in June 1813 in Manchester, and baptized at Bolton le Moors on 4 September 1814, the ninth of the ten sons of Thomas Aspull (1769–1854), an unsuccessful merchant who had turned to earning his living by teaching music and playing the violin, and his wife, ...


Baartman, Sara [performing name the Hottentot Venus] (1777x88–1815/16), celebrity and subject of scientific speculation  

Karen Harvey

Baartman, Sara [performing name the Hottentot Venus] (1777x88–1815/16), celebrity and subject of scientific speculation, was born in the Cape of Good Hope and was a member of the Khoisan people, who were also called Hottentot. Altick claims she was a daughter of a drover who had been killed by Bushmen, though nothing more is known of her parents. Her original name is not known, but as a servant of the Dutch farmer ...


Badley, John Haden (1865–1967), headmaster  

John Roach

Badley, John Haden (1865–1967), headmaster, was born on 21 February 1865 in Tower Street, Dudley, Worcestershire, the only son of James Payton Badley, surgeon, and his wife, Laura Elizabeth Best. He had three older sisters to whom he was always very close. The home atmosphere was restricted in some ways but very supportive and affectionate, and he enjoyed a happy childhood. ...


Cover Baldwin [née Maltass], Jane (1763–1839)

Baldwin [née Maltass], Jane (1763–1839)  

Maker: Joshua Reynolds


Jane Baldwin (1763–1839), by Joshua Reynolds, 1782

Compton Verney


Baldwin [née Maltass], Jane (1763–1839), society beauty  

Terry F. Robinson

Baldwin [née Maltass], Jane (1763–1839), society beauty, was born on 26 June 1763 in Smyrna (now Izmir, Turkey), the daughter of Marguerite Icard and her husband, William Maltass, a Yorkshire-born merchant of the Levant Company. In Smyrna in 1779...


Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945), physician  

Richard Aspin

Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945), physician, was born at Brantwood Fold, Edgworth, near Bolton, Lancashire, on 4 September 1845; he was the eldest of seven children of James Barlow (1821–1887) of Greenthorne, Edgworth, who established the cotton mills of Barlow and Jones...


Cover Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945)

Barlow, Sir Thomas, first baronet (1845–1945)  

Maker: Catharine Dodgson

Sir Thomas Barlow, first baronet (1845–1945) by Catharine Dodgson, 1936 from the collection of the Athenaeum, London


Barnard, Howard Clive (1884–1985), educational historian  

Raymond Wilson


Barnard, Howard Clive (1884–1985), educational historian, was born on 7 June 1884 at 11 King Edward Street in the heart of the City of London, the only child of Howard Barnard, journalist, and his wife, Sarah Ann Haggis. During the eighteenth century his ancestors established a firm of silversmiths in the ...


Beadon, Frederick (1777–1879), Church of England clergyman and centenarian  

William Hunt

revised by H. C. G. Matthew

Beadon, Frederick (1777–1879), Church of England clergyman and centenarian, third son of the Revd Edward Beadon, rector of North Stoneham, Hampshire, was born in London on 6 December 1777. He was educated at Charterhouse School and at Trinity College, Oxford. He took orders in 1801, and was shortly afterwards presented by his uncle, ...


Bell, Julia (1879–1979), geneticist  

Greta Jones

Bell, Julia (1879–1979), geneticist, was born on 28 January 1879 at Sherwood, Nottinghamshire. She was tenth of the fourteen children of James Bell, printer, and Katherine Thomas Heap. She was educated at Nottingham Girls' High School and in 1898 entered Girton College, Cambridge...


Bertorelli, Joe [Giuseppe Domenico] (1893–1994), restaurateur  

Paul Levy

Bertorelli, Joe [Giuseppe Domenico] (1893–1994), restaurateur, was born on 10 June 1893 at Bergazzi di Bardi, Piacenza, Liguria, Italy, the youngest of the four sons of Lazzaro and Marianna Bertorelli. By the time of his birth his father and three elder brothers were already living and working in ...


Blincoe, Robert (c. 1792–1860), factory apprentice  

Brian Harrison

Blincoe, Robert (c. 1792–1860), factory apprentice, was a parish orphan who knew neither parent, did not know his place of birth, and was uncertain even about his name. Between the ages of four and seven he was brought up in St Pancras workhouse, London...


Cover Booth, Catherine Bramwell- (1883–1987)

Booth, Catherine Bramwell- (1883–1987)  

Maker: Snowdon


Catherine Bramwell- Booth (1883–1987) by Snowdon, 1979 Snowdon / Camera Press, London; collection National Portrait Gallery, London