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Abingdon, Alexander (fl. 1291–1316), sculptor  

Veronica Sekules

Abingdon, Alexander (fl. 1291–1316), sculptor, also known as ‘Imaginator’ or ‘le Imagineur’, is of unknown origins, though it has been conjectured that he trained in the masons' yard of Abingdon Abbey. He was a citizen of London at least from 1305, when his name appears in city records, but he was working in ...


Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910), sculptor  

S. E. Fryer

revised by Anne MacPhee

Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910), sculptor, was born on 11 December 1830 at Acton Hill, Middlesex, one of the two surviving sons and three daughters of William Adams (1778/9–1836), an artist, and his wife, Helen Elizabeth Humphrey (1794–1878). His sister ...


Cover Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910)

Acton, John Adams- (1830–1910)  

Maker: Samuel Alexander Walker


John Adams- Acton (1830–1910) by Samuel Alexander Walker, pubd 1893 © National Portrait Gallery, London


Adams, Robert (1917–1984), sculptor and designer  

Alastair Grieve

Adams, Robert (1917–1984), sculptor and designer, was born at 22 Thirlestane Road, Far Cotton, Northamptonshire, on 5 October 1917, the youngest of the three children of Arthur Adams (b. 1878), a master grocer and market gardener, and his first wife, Emily, ...


Allington, Edward Thomas (1951–2017), artist and sculptor  

Judith Winter

Allington, Edward Thomas (1951–2017), artist and sculptor, was born on 24 June 1951 at Abbotsholme nursing home in Troutbeck Bridge, Westmorland, the eldest child of Ralph Allington (1922–2009), plumber, and his wife Evelyn, née Hewartson (1919–1989), of Allan Bank, Troutbeck Bridge. He had three younger siblings: a brother, ...


Armitage, (William) Kenneth (1916–2002), sculptor  

Tamsyn Woollcombe

Armitage, (William) Kenneth (1916–2002), sculptor, was born on 18 July 1916 at 11 Norman Place, Street Lane, Leeds, the only son among the three children of William Richard Armitage, oil merchant's cashier, later company director, and his wife, Lydia Emily, née Quin. Although he was born in ...


Cover Armitage, (William) Kenneth (1916–2002)

Armitage, (William) Kenneth (1916–2002)  

Maker: Jorge Lewinski


(William) Kenneth Armitage (1916–2002) by Jorge Lewinski, 1964 © The Lewinski Archive at Chatsworth; photograph National Portrait Gallery, London


Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828–1905), sculptor and illustrator  

Walter Armstrong

revised by Emma Hardy

Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828–1905), sculptor and illustrator, was born in Bloomsbury, London, on 18 June 1828, the fourth and youngest son of John Armstead, and his wife, Ann, daughter of Hugh Dyer of Belfast. John Armstead was a heraldic chaser and Henry Hugh Armstead...


Cover Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828–1905)

Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828–1905)  

Maker: John Evan Hodgson


Henry Hugh Armstead (1828–1905) by John Evan Hodgson, 1884 Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums Collections


Bacon, John (1740–1799), sculptor  

Mary Ann Steggles

Bacon, John (1740–1799), sculptor, was born on 24 November 1740 in Southwark, London, the son of Thomas Bacon, a clothworker. He was descended from an old family living in Wincanton in Somerset. In 1755 he was apprenticed to Nicholas Crispe, the owner of a porcelain factory in ...


Bacon, John (1777–1859), sculptor  

Jason Edwards

Bacon, John (1777–1859), sculptor, was born on 13 March 1777 in his parents' house in Newman Street, London, the second son of the sculptor John Bacon (1740–1799) and his wife, Elizabeth, née Wade (d. 1783). His elder brother, Thomas Bacon (b....


Bacon, Thomas (b. 1773, d. after 1800)  

See Bacon, John


Baily, Edward Hodges (1788–1867), sculptor and designer and modeller of silver  

Katharine Eustace

Baily, Edward Hodges (1788–1867), sculptor and designer and modeller of silver, was born on 10 March 1788 at Bristol, the son of William Hillier Baily (1763–1834), a ship's carver, and his wife, Martha Hodges (1755–1836). After leaving school at the age of fourteen ...


Banks, Thomas (1735–1805), sculptor  

Julius Bryant

Banks, Thomas (1735–1805), sculptor, was born on 22 December 1735 in Kennington, south London, and baptized in St Mary, Lambeth, on 18 January 1736, the eldest of the three sons of William Banks, later landscape gardener, land steward, and surveyor to the fourth duke of Beaufort...


Bates, Harry (1850–1899), sculptor  

Mark Stocker

Bates, Harry (1850–1899), sculptor, was born Henry Bates in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, on 26 April 1850, the fifth of eight children of Joseph Thomas Bates (1813–1882), master builder, and his wife Anne, née Moules (bap. 1814, d. 1885). After brief training as an architect's clerk, he served as an apprentice (...


Bayes, Gilbert William (1872–1953), sculptor  

Mark Stocker

Bayes, Gilbert William (1872–1953), sculptor, was born on 4 April 1872 at 6 Oval Road, Gloucester Road, St John's Wood, London, the third of four children of Alfred Walter Bayes (1831–1909), a painter and etcher, and his wife, Emily Ann, née...


Bedford, Richard Perry (1883–1967), sculptor and curator  

Judith Collins

Bedford, Richard Perry (1883–1967), sculptor and curator, was born on 15 November 1883 at 4 Chatsworth Terrace, Berner's Hill, Torquay, Devon, the second son of the four children of George Bedford (1849–1920) and his wife, Maria, née Harris (1858–1913). ...


Behnes [later Burlowe], Henry (1801/2–1837), sculptor  

Martin Greenwood

Behnes [later Burlowe], Henry (1801/2–1837), sculptor, was the younger brother of William Behnes the sculptor. Henry was probably born in London, the second of three sons of a Hanoverian piano maker who married an Englishwoman. The family lived in Dublin for several years before returning to settle in ...


Behnes, William (1791x7–1864), sculptor  

Mark Stocker

Behnes, William (1791x7–1864), sculptor, was born in London, the eldest of the three sons of a piano maker, of Hanover, Germany, and his English wife. He may have been the ‘William Bennes’ who was born in Portman Square, Middlesex, on 13 December 1791 and baptized at ...


Bell, John (1811–1895), sculptor and designer  

Campbell Dodgson

revised by Jason Edwards

Bell, John (1811–1895), sculptor and designer, was born on 19 August 1811 at Hopton, Suffolk (now Norfolk), the eldest of the eight children of Samuel Bell (1769–1844) and his wife, Sarah, of Hopton Hall. He was a cousin of the music teacher Sarah Glover (1786–1867)...