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Abbey, Edwin Austin (1852–1911), illustrator and painter  

Lucy Oakley

Abbey, Edwin Austin (1852–1911), illustrator and painter, was born at 315 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 1 April 1852, the eldest of the three children of William Maxwell Abbey (1827–1897), a merchant of French and English descent, and Margery Ann Kiple (1825–1880), who was descended from German and Irish immigrants. He was educated in ...


Abrahams, Ivor (1935–2015), painter, printmaker, and art teacher  

James Huntington-Whiteley

Abrahams, Ivor (1935–2015), painter, printmaker, and art teacher, was born on 10 January 1935 at 10 Swinley Road, Wigan, Lancashire, the only son and elder child of Hyman (Harry) Abrahams, ladies’ outfitter, and his wife, Rachel (née Kalisky, later Kay). At the time of his birth registration the family lived at ...


Adams, Norman Edward Albert (1927–2005), artist  

Magdalen Evans

Adams, Norman Edward Albert (1927–2005), artist, was born on 9 February 1927 in a flat at 74 Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, Essex, the only child of Albert Henry Adams (1900–1975), a London Transport clerk, and his wife, Elizabeth Winifred Rose, née Humphries (1906–2000). The family moved shortly afterwards to ...


Adler, Jakub [Jankel] (1895–1949), painter  

Jutta Vinzent

Adler, Jakub [Jankel] (1895–1949), painter, was born on 26 July 1895 in Tuszyn, near Łódź, Poland, the eighth of the twelve children of Eliasz Adler, a timber and coal dealer, and his wife, Hana Laja, née Fiter. Adler grew up in Łódź in the world of Hasidic Jewry, which had a lasting influence on his subject matter. After training as a goldsmith in ...


Adolph, Anton von Freenthal [Joseph Antony] (b. 1721), painter  

W. C. Monkhouse

revised by Nicholas Grindle

Adolph, Anton von Freenthal [Joseph Antony] (b. 1721), painter, was born on 6 July 1721 in Nikolsburg, Austria, the son of Josef Franz Adolf (1671–1749), painter and brother of Carl Josef Adolph (d. 1771), painter. He studied with his father and at the ...


Cover Agasse, Jacques-Laurent (1767–1849)

Agasse, Jacques-Laurent (1767–1849)  

Maker: Firmin Massot and Jacques-Laurent Agasse


Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767–1849) by Firmin Massot and Jacques-Laurent Agasse Museum Stiftung Oskar Reinhart; photograph National Portrait Gallery, London


Agasse, Jacques-Laurent (1767–1849), painter  

H. J. Bracegirdle

Agasse, Jacques-Laurent (1767–1849), painter, was born on 24 March 1767 at Geneva, and baptized there at the Temple Neuf on 21 April, the son of Philippe Agasse (1739–1827), merchant, and his wife, Catherine Audeoud (1737–1818). His family were merchants of Huguenot origin who had been established in ...


Aglio, Augustine Maria [formerly Agostino Maria] (1777–1857), painter and lithographer  

Charles Newton

Aglio, Augustine Maria [formerly Agostino Maria] (1777–1857), painter and lithographer, was born on 15 December 1777 in Cremona, Italy, one of several children of Gaetano Aglio, a notary, and Marianna Mondini. He moved with his family in 1787 to Milan, where he was educated at the ...


Aikman, George (1830–1905), painter and engraver  

Joanna Soden

Aikman, George (1830–1905), painter and engraver, was born in Warriston Close, off the High Street, Edinburgh, on 20 May 1830, the ninth child of George Aikman, engraver, and Alison Mackay (d. in or before 1859), his wife. His father had been an engraver for ...


Aitchison, (John Ronald) Craigie (1926–2009), artist  

Duncan Macmillan

Aitchison, (John Ronald) Craigie (1926–2009), artist, was born at 12 India Street, Edinburgh, on 13 January 1926, the second son of Craigie Mason Aitchison, later Lord Aitchison (1882–1941), and his wife, Charlotte Mary Forbes, née Jones (d. 1970). Craigie was his paternal grandmother's maiden name. His father was a distinguished Scottish lawyer, Labour then National Labour MP for ...


Cover Aitchison, (John Ronald) Craigie (1926–2009)

Aitchison, (John Ronald) Craigie (1926–2009)  

Maker: Snowdon


(John Ronald) Craigie Aitchison (1926–2009) by Snowdon, 2003 © Snowdon / Camera Press London


Aldridge, John Arthur Malcolm (1905–1983), painter and gardener  

Anne Whiteman


Aldridge, John Arthur Malcolm (1905–1983), painter and gardener, was born near Woolwich, London, on 26 July 1905, the second of the three sons (there were no daughters) of Major John Barttelot Aldridge DSO of the Royal Field Artillery and his wife, Margaret Jessica Goddard...


Cover Allan, Sir William (1782–1850)

Allan, Sir William (1782–1850)  

Maker: William Nicholson


Sir William Allan (1782–1850) by William Nicholson, 1818 [in Circassian dress] Scottish National Portrait Gallery


Allan, Sir William (1782–1850), painter  

Jeremy Howard

Allan, Sir William (1782–1850), painter, was born on 4 October 1782 and baptized on 11 October in the Old Kirk, Edinburgh, one of the three children of William Allan, the macer at the court of session and his wife, Mary, née Cram. The family lived at ...


Allston, Washington (1779–1843), painter and poet  

Shannon R. McBriar

Allston, Washington (1779–1843), painter and poet, was born on 5 November 1779 at Brook Green domain, All Saints' parish, in the district of Georgetown, South Carolina, the second of the two children of William Allston junior (d. 1781), a captain in General Francis Marion's...


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Angellis, Pieter (1685–1734), painter  

Sarah Herring

Angellis, Pieter (1685–1734), painter, was born in Dunkirk on 5 November 1685. Before 1712 he spent some time in Düsseldorf, where he studied the collection of John William von Wittelsbach, the elector palatine. There is some uncertainty as to his arrival date in ...


Archer, James (1822–1904), painter  

Joanna Soden

Archer, James (1822–1904), painter, was born in Edinburgh on 10 June 1822, the eldest child of Andrew Archer, dentist, and Ann Cunningham, his wife. His sister was Georgina Archer (1827–1882). He was educated at the Royal High School, Edinburgh. Afterwards he entered the ...


Armstrong, John Rutherford (1893–1973), painter  

Nicholas Usherwood

Armstrong, John Rutherford (1893–1973), painter, was born at 16 Priory Avenue, Hastings, Sussex, on 14 November 1893, the third son of the Revd William Alexander Armstrong and his wife, Emily Mary, née Cripps. Educated at St Paul's School, London (1907–12), he went on to read law briefly at ...