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Adams, Katharine (1862–1952), bookbinder  

Jane Griffiths

Adams, Katharine (1862–1952), bookbinder, was born on 25 November 1862 at Bracknell in Berkshire, the second daughter among the three children of the Revd William Fulford Adams (d. 1912) and his wife, Catherine Mary Horton (bap. 1830, d. 1912). As a child she lived at ...


Adams, Norman Edward Albert (1927–2005), artist  

Magdalen Evans

Adams, Norman Edward Albert (1927–2005), artist, was born on 9 February 1927 in a flat at 74 Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, Essex, the only child of Albert Henry Adams (1900–1975), a London Transport clerk, and his wife, Elizabeth Winifred Rose, née Humphries (1906–2000). The family moved shortly afterwards to ...


Bedford, Francis (1799–1883), bookbinder  

W. Y. Fletcher

revised by Amanda Girling-Budd

Bedford, Francis (1799–1883), bookbinder, was born at Paddington, Middlesex, on 18 June 1799. His father is believed to have been a courier attached to the establishment of George III. At an early age he was sent to a school in Yorkshire, and on his return to ...


Bowtell [Boudle], John (1753–1813), bookbinder and philanthropist  

Elisabeth Leedham-Green

Bowtell [Boudle], John (1753–1813), bookbinder and philanthropist, the third son of Joseph Boudle (c.1722–1757) and his wife, Margery (c.1720–1780), was born on 1 August 1753, and baptized John Boudle on 15 September 1753 at Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge...


Cockerell, Douglas Bennett (1870–1945), bookbinder  

Alan Crawford

Cockerell, Douglas Bennett (1870–1945), bookbinder, was born on 5 August 1870 at Clifton Cottage, Sydenham Hill, London, the fourth child of Sydney John Cockerell (1842–1877), coal merchant, and his wife, Alice Elizabeth (d. 1900), elder daughter of Sir John Bennett, watchmaker and politician. He came from a middle-class family, but the death of his father threw them on hard times. ...


Cockerell, Sydney Morris (1906–1987), bookbinder  

David McKitterick


Cockerell, Sydney Morris (1906–1987), bookbinder, was born on 6 June 1906 at 96 Earls Court Road, London, the second of three children and elder son of Douglas Bennett Cockerell (1870–1945), bookbinder, and his wife, Florence Margaret Drew (c.1870–1912), daughter of Samuel Drew Arundel...


Cover Cockerell, Sydney Morris (1906–1987)

Cockerell, Sydney Morris (1906–1987)  

Maker: Philip Sayer


Sydney Morris Cockerell (1906–1987) by Philip Sayer, 1981 [using his ram to impress a design by Joan Rix Tebbutt on vellum] photograph by Philip Sayer


Coronio [née Ionides], Aglaia (1834–1906), embroiderer, bookbinder, and art patron  

Linda Parry

Coronio [née Ionides], Aglaia (1834–1906), embroiderer, bookbinder, and art patron, was the second child and elder daughter of Alexander Ionides (1810–1890) and his wife, Euterpe, née Sgouta (b. 1816), who was described in George Du Maurier's novel Trilby (1894) as '...


Edwards, William (bap. 1723, d. 1808), bookbinder  

Derek Bridge

Edwards, William (bap. 1723, d. 1808), bookbinder, was baptized on 6 January 1723 at St James's Church, Halifax, Yorkshire, the second of three sons of Richard Edwards, a schoolmaster.

Edwards was very successful in collecting rare books and his Halifax bookshop and bindery, facing up ...


See Ferrar, John


Hayday, James (1796–1872), bookbinder  

G. C. Boase

revised by Helen Caroline Jones

Hayday, James (1796–1872), bookbinder, was born in London. Of his parents, nothing is known. He was apprenticed to Charles Marchant, vellum binder, 12 Old Gloucester Street, Queen Square, London, and then for some time worked as a journeyman commencing business in a very humble way. In 1825 he became one of the auditors of the ...


Hogarth, (Arthur) Paul (1917–2001), artist and illustrator  

Simon Fenwick

Hogarth, (Arthur) Paul (1917–2001), artist and illustrator, was born Arthur Hoggarth at 28 Caroline Street, Kendal, Westmorland, on 4 October 1917, the son of Arthur Hoggarth, later Hogarth, a butcher then serving as a pioneer in the Royal Engineers, and his wife, Janet, ...


Lettou, John (fl. 1475–1483), bookbinder and printer  

N. F. Blake

Lettou, John (fl. 1475–1483), bookbinder and printer, may have come from the eastern Baltic, since his name, Lettou, was the Middle English form for Lithuania. But by this date such a name no longer guaranteed a person's immediate origins. Seventeen books printed between 1475 and 1480 are attributed to the workshop of the '...


Lewis, Charles (1786–1836), bookbinder  

Mirjam M. Foot

Lewis, Charles (1786–1836), bookbinder, was born in London, the fourth son of Johann Ludwig, a native of Hanover whose zeal in political matters caused him suffering and loss of friends, and who was one of the many German bookbinders who moved to England...


Linde, Andreas [Andrew] (d. 1759), bookseller and bookbinder  

Graham Jefcoate

Linde, Andreas [Andrew] (d. 1759), bookseller and bookbinder, may have come originally from Saxony in north-eastern Germany. He was present in London from no later than January 1743, as he married Ursula Smith at St Giles, Cripplegate, on the 22nd of that month. He appears to have set up shop as a bookseller, bookbinder and stationer '...


Mearne, Samuel (1624–1683), publisher and bookbinder  

Mirjam M. Foot

Mearne, Samuel (1624–1683), publisher and bookbinder, was born at Reading at 11 a.m. on 20 April 1624, the son of Henry Mearne, yeoman. In 1637 he was apprenticed to Robert Bates, a member of the Stationers' Company, subsequently turned over to John Arnold...


Payne, Roger (bap. 1738, d. 1797), bookbinder  

Mirjam M. Foot

Payne, Roger (bap. 1738, d. 1797), bookbinder, was born at Eton, where he was baptized on 8 December 1738, the second of the five children of Thomas Payne, bookbinder (d. 1759), and Elizabeth Godwin (d. 1762). Shortly after his birth the ...


Powell, Roger (1896–1990), bookbinder  

Jane Griffiths

Powell, Roger (1896–1990), bookbinder, was born in London on 17 May 1896, the elder of the two sons of Oswald Byrom Powell (b. 1867) and his wife, Winifred Cobb. Between 1907 and 1915 he was educated at Bedales School, of which his father was a co-founder. After leaving school he served in the First World War, first in the ...


Reynes, John [formerly Jan Rijens] (d. 1545), bookseller and bookbinder  

E. G. Duff

revised by Anita McConnell

Reynes, John [formerly Jan Rijens] (d. 1545), bookseller and bookbinder, a native of Wageningen, Gueldres, in the Low Countries, was granted letters of denization on 7 June 1510. Between 1514 and 1535 his name appears regularly in the port rolls as an importer of books. In 1516 ...


Riviere, Robert (1808–1882), bookbinder  

W. Y. Fletcher

revised by Mirjam M. Foot

Riviere, Robert (1808–1882), bookbinder, was born on 30 June 1808 at 8 Cirencester Place, near Fitzroy Square, London, the fourth born of the twelve children of Daniel Valentine Riviere (1780–1854), painter and drawing-master, and Henrietta Thunder. He was descended from French Huguenots who left their country on the revocation of the edict of Nantes. The eldest and third surviving sons, ...