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Brant, Molly [Konwatsi tsiaienni, Degonwadonti] (c. 1736–1796), leader of the Mohawk Indians, was born a Mohawk, one of the six native North American nations which comprised the Iroquois confederacy and whose homeland was in present-day New York state. Brant may have been born at ...


Pocahontas [Matoaka, Amonute; married name Rebecca Rolfe] (c. 1596–1617), Algonquian Indian princess, was the daughter of Chief Powhatan (or Wahunsonacock) (d. 1618) of the Virginia Algonquian nation. Probably named Matoaka at birth, she was a prepubescent youngster and her father's favourite daughter and known as ...


Pocahontas (c. 1596–1617) by Simon de Passe, 1616 © National Portrait Gallery, London