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J. K. Laughton

Reviser Roger Morriss

Goodall, Thomas (1767–1832?), naval officer and privateer, was born at Bristol, educated by a Revd Mr Thomas, and was intended by his father to be a lawyer; but at thirteen he ran away from school, and shipped on board a privateer bound for the ...


Thomas Goodall (1767–?1832) by Ridley & Blood, pubd 1808 (after Samuel Drummond) © National Portrait Gallery, London


Plunkett, Thomas (b. c. 1612, d. in or before 1654), naval officer and privateer, was born in Ireland, although no evidence survives of his parents or family background. Details of his married life and early career are also sparse. His wife (possibly called ...


Rous, John (1702–1760), privateer and naval officer, was born on 21 May 1702 at Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, the son of William Rouse (Rows) and Mary, née Peachie. He was notable among Massachusetts privateers in the war of 1739–48, and for his connections to a quite remarkable cross-section of society in both ...