What's new: November 2019

November 14, 2019

The November update adds twenty-three new articles, containing twenty-six biographies, accompanied by five portrait likenesses. The particular focus of this release – curated by Dr Andrew Lamb and Christopher Webber – is on opera singers and recitalists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

From November 2019, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford DNB) offers biographies of 63,449 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 61,172 articles. 11,720 biographies include a portrait image of the subject – researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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New and updated subjects - November 2019

Allen, Henry Robinson (c. 1809–1876), singer, teacher, and composer

Austin, Frederick William (Frederic) (1872–1952), singer, composer, and impresario

Austral, Florence (1892–1968), singer

Booth, (Leslie) Webster (1902–1984), singer

Brannigan, Owen (1908–1973), singer

Coates, Edith Mary (1905–1983), singer and actress

Coates, John (1865–1941), singer

Collier, Marie Elizabeth (1927–1971), singer

Craig, Charles James (1919–1997), singer

Green, Martyn [real name William Martin Green] (1899–1975), actor and singer

Langdon, Michael [real name Frank Birtles] (1920–1991), singer

Leigh, Adele [real name Adele Patricia Freedman; married names Morgan, Pease, and Enderl] (1928–2004), singer

Lely, Durward [real name James Lyall] (1852–1944), singer and actor

Licette, Miriam (1885–1969), singer

Lloyd, (Henry Arthur) Powell (1900–1987), singer, director, and designer

Lunn, Louise Kirkby (1872–1930), singer

Poole, Elizabeth [married name Bacon] (1820–1906), singer and actress

Pounds, Charles Curtice (Courtice) (1861–1927), singer and actor

Pounds, Louisa Emma Amelia (Louie) (1872–1970), singer

Robinson, (Peter) Forbes (1926–1987), singer

Shuard, Amy (1924–1975), singer

Sinclair, Monica [real name Gwladys Amy Monica Mary Barrows; married name Tunstall] (1925–2002), singer

Wallace, Ian Bryce (1919–2009), singer, actor, and broadcaster

Ward, David (1922–1983), singer

Widdop, Walter (1892–1949), singer

Ziegler, Anne [real name Irene Frances Eastwood] (1910–2003), singer

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