What's new: September 2019

September 12, 2019

The September 2019 update adds 35 new articles, containing 32 biographies, accompanied by 6 portrait likenesses. 2019 is the bicentenary year of Queen Victoria’s birth and the particular focus of this month’s update is on the Victorian age. The themes covered include art, literature, music, business, medicine, women Chartists, suffragists, and the Great Exhibition.

From September 2019, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford DNB) offers biographies of 63,399 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 61,131 articles. 11,709 biographies include a portrait image of the subject – researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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New and updated subjects - September 2019

Abadam, Alice (1856–1940), suffrage activist and women’s right’s campaigner

The Association for Promoting the Repeal of the Taxes on Knowledge (act. 1851–1868)

Chapman [née Chapman; former married name Guest], Adeline Mary (1847-1931), campaigner for women’s suffrage

Cope, Sir Arthur Stockdale (1857-1940), art educator and portrait painter

Cozens, Mary Elizabeth (1857-1920), campaigner for women’s suffrage

Dutt, Toru (1856-1877), Indian poet, translator, and novelist

Founders of the Victoria League (act. 1901-1914)

Gaggiotti (married name Gaggiotti Richards), Emma Camilla Angela Maria (1825-1912), artist

Gilbert, Mary Ann (1776-1845), agronomist and promoter of allotments

Hanson (née Fell), Elizabeth (1797/8-1886), anti-poor law campaigner and Chartist

Hare, Mary Adelaide (1865-1945), teacher of the deaf and campaigner for women's suffrage

Hatton, Bessie Lyle (1867-1964), actress, author, and suffrage activist

Heneage, Edward, first Baron Heneage (1840 – 1922), politician and landowner

Holmes [née Milner], Marion (or Marian) Emma (1867-1943), campaigner for women’s suffrage

Horner, Charles (1837-1896), watchmaker and jeweller

Hughes, Edward Robert (1851-1914), painter

Jack, Alexia Butter (1863-1948), schoolteacher and campaigner for women’s suffrage

Kyllmann [née Baret], Philippine Eléanor Estelle Esther (1833-1916), supporter of the women’s suffrage movement

Lewis, Waller Augustus (bap. 1816, d. 1882), public health reformer and chief medical officer at the General Post Office

Lloyd, Edward (1845–1927), singer

Major, Mary Henniker- (1838-1902), political organizer

Mann [née Burnett], Alice (1791-1865), radical and publisher

Neesom, Elizabeth (1797/8-1866), Chartist and reformer

Palliser, Edith Charlotte Bury (1859-1927), campaigner for women’s suffrage

Parsons, Beatrice Emma (1869-1955), artist

Reid [née Kirkland], Marion (1815-1902), feminist writer

Ross, Andrew (1798-1859), optician

Roy, Lolita [known as Mrs P.L. Roy] (b. 1865), social reformer and suffragist

Speirs, (Robert Cunningham) Graham (1797-1847), Sheriff of Midlothian

Stephenson, (Sara) Jessie (1873-1966), suffragette

The makers of the Great Exhibition of 1851 (act. 1848-1851)

Thomasson (née Lucas), Katharine (1841-1932), philanthropist and supporter of women’s causes

Watkin, Absalom (1787–1861), reformer and diarist

Watson, Sir William George, first baronet (1861-1930), food retailer and manufacturer

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