What's new: August 2019

August 8, 2019

The August 2019 update adds 34 new articles, containing 36 biographies, accompanied by 6 portrait likenesses. The particular focus is on women, citizenship, social action, and philanthropy in the early twentieth century, tracing the lives of women active in local and central government, as Justices of the Peace, and in voluntary organizations.

From August 2019, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford DNB) offers biographies of 63,367 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 61,096 articles. 11,703 biographies include a portrait image of the subject – researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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New and updated subjects - August 2019

Acland [née Cropper], Eleanor Mary, Lady Acland (1878–1933), politician and suffragist

Andrew, Clara (1862-1939), child adoption pioneer and Belgian refugee organizer

Bell [married name Sawyer], Florence Ogilvy (1913-2000), biophysicist and molecular biologist

Buchan [née Grosvenor], Susan Charlotte, Lady Tweedsmuir (1882-1977), author and voluntary worker

Burrell [née Luker; other married name Moore], Louisa Harriet [Louie] (1873-1971), artist

Craven, Cicely Musgrave (1890-1962), penal reform campaigner

Custance [married name Douglas], Olive Eleanor (1874-1944), poet

Eaton, Gertrude (1863-1940), musician, suffragist, and international penal reformer

Emmott [née Lees], (Mary) Gertrude, Lady Emmott (1866-1954), women’s rights campaigner and social reformer

Eve [née Turing], Lady (Fanny) Jean Trustram (1862-1934), Conservative party activist and social reformer

Fildes, Mary (1789x1792-1876), reformer

Fischer [married name Foulkes], Bertha Bowness (1875-1920), poor-law guardian and professional political agent

Fletcher, Margaret (1862-1943), founder of the Catholic Women’s League

Frankenburg [née Barnett], Charis Ursula (1892-1985), birth control campaigner and justice of the peace

Gray [née Vickers], Almyra (1862-1939), social reformer and philanthropist

Grenfell [née Lyttelton], Hilda Margaret (1886–1972), promoter of women’s welfare

Hartland, Ethel Mary (1875-1964), suffragist and magistrate

Haslam [née Heywood], Mary (1851-1922), welfare worker, philanthropist, and suffrage campaigner

Horton [née Robertson], Gertrude Isabella Morton (1901-1978), feminist and organizer of national women’s organizations

Hull, Eleanor Henrietta [Eibhlín Ní Choill] (1860-1935), writer and editor

Lees [née Buckley], Dame Sarah Anne (1842-1935), local politician, philanthropist, and suffragist

Lees, Marjory (1878-1970), suffragist and local politician

Mason, Bertha (1855-1939), temperance campaigner and suffragist

Mayer [née Tapping], Sarah Winifred Benedict (1896-1957), actress and judoka

Messel [married names Armstrong-Jones; Parsons], Anne, Countess of Rosse (1902-1992), conservationist and collector

Messel, Leonard Charles Rudolph (1872-1953), stockbroker and collector

Messel, Ludwig Ernst Wilhelm Leonhardt (1847-1915), stockbroker

Moorman, Mary Caroline (née Trevelyan) (1905-1994), historian and scholar of English literature

New, Edith Bessie (1877-1951), author, social campaigner, and fundraiser

Noble, Mary Eleanor (1845-1925), landowner, local historian, and first woman county councillor in England

Pratt, Edith Helen (1882 - 1959), civil servant

Ryle [married name Maddock], Winifred (1897-1987), architect

Smith, Constance Babington (1912-2000), photographic interpreter and author

Spurgin (née Skurray), (Frances) Clare (1897-1986), justice of the peace and international youth justice expert

Thornycroft, Blanche Coules (1873 – 1950), naval architect

Trevelyan (née Ward), Janet Penrose (1879-1956), author, social campaigner, and fundraiser

White, Florence (1886-1961), pensions campaigner

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