What's new: April 2019

April 11, 2019

The April 2019 update adds 13 articles, containing 13 biographies, accompanied by 2 portrait likenesses. The particular focus is on regional authors and thriller writers, and women in pharmacy.

From April 2019, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford DNB) offers biographies of 63,290 men and women who have shaped the British past, contained in 61,023 articles. 11,687 biographies include a portrait image of the subject – researched in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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New and updated subjects - April 2019

Borrowman, Agnes Thomson (1881-1955), pharmacist

Brown, Alfred John (pseudonym Julian Laverack) (1894 - 1969), author

Buchanan, Margaret Elizabeth (1865-1940), pharmacist

Davidson, Lionel (1922-2009), novelist

Gregson, James Richard (1889 - 1981), actor, dramatist, and broadcaster

Hooper (married name: Higgon), Elsie Seville (1879-1969), pharmacist

Irvine (née Kennedy), Jean Kennedy (1876-1962), pharmacist

Keer (née Clarke), Isabella Skinner Clarke (1842-1926), pharmacist

Lyall, Gavin Tudor (1932 - 2003), author

Mackereth, James Allan (1871-1948), poet and novelist

Minshull, Rose Coombes (1845-1905), pharmacist

Potter (married name: Deacon), Frances Elizabeth [Fanny] (1837-1930), pharmacist

Thompson, Samuel (Sam) (1916 - 1965), playwright

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