Briouze [Braose], Philip de (d. before 1201), soldier
by J. H. Round, rev. M. T. Flanagan

Briouze [Braose], Philip de (d. before 1201), soldier, was the son of Philip de Briouze (d. 1134×55). Along with his brother, William (II) de Briouze, lord of Bramber, Sussex, he accompanied Henry II to Ireland in 1171–2, and was assigned by Henry to the garrison at Wexford. In 1177 he received a speculative grant of the kingdom of Limerick, the area of Thomond in north Munster. His attempt in that year to take possession failed after the citizens of Limerick, expecting the Anglo-Norman forces to storm the walls successfully, set the town on fire. The kingdom was to be granted to his nephew, , lord of Bramber, by King John on 12 January 1201.



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Philip de Briouze (d. before 1201): doi:10.1093/ref:odnb/3282