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Reference list

Updates: January 2009

New subjects

Ackroyd, Peter Runham (1917–2005), Old Testament scholar
Adams, Norman Edward Albert (1927–2005), artist
Ahm, Povl Borge (1926–2005), civil and structural engineer
Aitken, Laurel (1925–2005), singer, songwriter, and record producer
Alexander, Robert Scott, Baron Alexander of Weedon (1936–2005), barrister and banker
Allbeury, Theodore Edward Le Bouthillier [Ted] (1917–2005), intelligence officer and novelist
Allen, Dave (1936–2005), comedian
Anderson, Alfred (1896–2005), joiner and soldier
Anson, Thomas Patrick John, fifth earl of Lichfield [known as Patrick Lichfield] (1939–2005), photographer
Aprahamian, (Apraham) Felix Bartev (1914–2005), music critic and concert organizer
Astell, Betty (1912–2005) [see under Fletcher, Cyril Trevellian (1913–2005)]
Bailey, David Roy Shackleton (1917–2005), classical scholar
Bailey, Derek (1930–2005), guitarist and musical theorist
Baker, Harold Brooks Brooks- (1933–2005), publisher
Baldry, John William [known as Long John Baldry] (1941–2005), singer and guitarist
Banks, Joseph Ambrose (1920–2005), sociologist and historian
Barber, Anthony Perrinott Lysberg, Baron Barber (1920–2005), politician
Barker, Ronald William George (1929–2005), actor and comedian
Bell, Mary Hayley (1911–2005) [see under Mills, Sir John Lewis Ernest Watts (1908–2005)]
Benenson, Peter James Henry (1921–2005), barrister and human rights campaigner
Bennett [née Fisher], Mary Letitia Somerville (1913–2005), civil servant and college head [see under Fisher, Herbert Albert Laurens (1865–1940)]
Beresford, Maurice Warwick (1920–2005), economic historian
Best, George (1946–2005), footballer
Bingley, Juliet Martin, Lady Bingley (1925–2005), social worker
Bishop, Sir Frederick Arthur (1915–2005), civil servant and director-general of the National Trust
Blatch, Emily May, Baroness Blatch (1937–2005), politician
Bloom, Alan Herbert Vauser (1906–2005), horticulturist
Bolton, Sir Frederic Bernard [Tim] (1921–2005), shipowner
Bondi, Sir Hermann (1919–2005), applied mathematician and scientific administrator
Box, John Allan Hyatt (1920–2005), film production designer
Brainin, Norbert (1923–2005), violinist
Brett, Sir Charles Edward Bainbridge (1928–2005), solicitor and architectural historian
Bronhill, June (1929–2005), singer
Brown, William Christopher (1928–2005), civil engineer
Browse, Lillian Gertrude (1906–2005), art dealer and art historian
Bruce, Donald William Trevor, Baron Bruce of Donington (1912–2005), politician
Brunt, Peter Astbury (1917–2005), ancient historian
Burns, Richard Alexander (1971–2005), rally driver
Bywater, (Richard) Arthur Samuel (1913–2005), munitions factory official
Cabrera Infante, Guillermo (1929–2005), novelist and writer
Callaghan, Leonard James [Jim], Baron Callaghan of Cardiff (1912–2005), prime minister
Campbell, Gordon Thomas Calthrop, Baron Campbell of Croy (1921–2005), diplomatist and politician
Carpenter, Humphrey William Bouverie (1946–2005), author, broadcaster, and musician
Caulfield, Patrick Joseph (1936–2005), painter
Charlot, Monica (1933–2005), historian and political scientist
Clark, (Anna) Mary Hawthorn Kitson (1905–2005), archaeologist [see under Clark, George Sidney Roberts Kitson (1900–1975)]
Cleland, William Paton (1912–2005), cardiothoracic surgeon
Cook, Robert Finlayson [Robin] (1946–2005), politician
Corley, Sir Kenneth Sholl Ferrand (1908–2005), industrialist
Court, Audrey Kathleen (1913–2005), athlete and family planning reformer
Cowling, Maurice John (1926–2005), historian
Cresswell, (Elizabeth) Helen (1934–2005), children's author
Cudlipp, Reginald William (1910–2005), journalist and promoter of Anglo-Japanese relations
Cummings, Constance (1910–2005), actress
Curran, Agnes (1920–2005), prison governor
Dacie, Sir John Vivian (1912–2005), haematologist
Daiches, David (1912–2005), literary scholar
Darling, Julia Rose (1956–2005), poet, playwright, and novelist
Davie, Michael (1924–2005), journalist and author
Davies, (Albert) Meredith (1922–2005), organist and conductor
Davies, Sir (Robert) Rees (1938–2005), historian
Deakin, Sir (Frederick) William Dampier (1913–2005), special operations officer, historian, and college head
DeLorean, John Zachary (1925–2005), motor car manufacturer
Deniz, Clara Ethel (1911–2002), pianist [see under Deniz, Francisco Antonio (1912–2005)]
Deniz, Francisco Antonio (1912–2005), guitarist and bandleader
Doll, Sir (William) Richard Shaboe (1912–2005), physician and epidemiologist
Donaldson, John Francis, Baron Donaldson of Lymington (1920–2005), judge
Donaldson, (Charles) William [pseud. Henry Root] (1935–2005), writer and impresario
Duckworth, David Keith (1933–2005), automotive engineer
Durham, Sir Kenneth (1924–2005), businessman
Elvin, (Herbert) Lionel (1905–2005), educationist
Erskine, Ralph (1914–2005), architect and town planner
Evans, Gwynfor Richard (1912–2005), politician
Farnon, Robert Joseph (1917–2005), composer and musical arranger
Farrah, Abd'Elkader (1926–2005), theatre designer
Faulkner, (Herbert Gustavus) Max (1916–2005), golfer
Fewtrell, (Ernest) Malcolm (1909–2005), police officer
Fisher, Sir Henry Arthur Pears (1918–2005), barrister, judge, and college head
Fitt, Gerard Martin, Baron Fitt (1926–2005), politician
Fitter, Richard Sidney Richmond (1913–2005), naturalist
Fletcher, Cyril Trevellian (1913–2005), comedian and impresario
Fogg, Gordon Elliot [Tony] (1919–2005), botanist and ecologist
Foster, Trevor John French (1914–2005), rugby league player
Fowles, John Robert (1926–2005), author and museum curator
Fox, Aileen Mary, Lady Fox (1907–2005), archaeologist
Frend, William Hugh Clifford (1916–2005), ecclesiastical historian and Church of England clergyman
Fry, Christopher (1907–2005), dramatist
Fry, Jeremy Joseph (1924–2005), inventor and businessman
Gardiner, Margaret Emilia (1904–2005), patron of the arts
Gearing, Harold William George (1912–2005), statistician and computer manager
Gill, (George) Michael (1923–2005), television producer
Gish, Sheila (1942–2005), actress
Godwin, Fay Suzette (1931–2005), photographer
Gray, Patience Jean (1917–2005), writer on food
Green, Guy Mervin Charles (1913–2005), cinematographer and film director
Green, Vivian Hubert Howard (1915–2005), Church of England clergyman, historian, and college head
Hall, Willis Edward (1929–2005), playwright
Hardee, Malcolm Gerrard (1950–2005), comedian and comedy promoter
Harris, (David) Kenneth (1919–2005), journalist and broadcaster
Harrod, Wilhelmine Margaret Eve, Lady Harrod (1911–2005), architectural conservationist [see under Harrod, Sir (Henry) Roy Forbes (1900–1978)]
Hart, Jenifer Margaret (1914–2005), civil servant and historian [see under Hart, Herbert Lionel Adolphus (1907–1992)]
Hastings, Sir Stephen Lewis Edmonstone (1921–2005), politician
Haycraft, Anna Margaret [pseud. Alice Thomas Ellis] (1932–2005), publisher and novelist
Hayes, John Trevor (1929–2005), art historian and museum director
Haynes, John Norman (1934–2005), footballer and businessman
Heath, Sir Edward Richard George (1916–2005), prime minister
Heilbron, Dame Rose (1914–2005), barrister and judge
Hibbert, Sir Jack (1932–2005), statistician and civil servant
Hill, Albert Edwin (1927–2005), equestrian and farmer
Hill, Mary Eglantyne [Polly] (1914–2005), economic anthropologist
Hiller, Erwin [known as Erwin Hillier] (1911–2005), cinematographer
Hobsbaum, Philip Dennis (1932–2005), poet and literary scholar
Hodgson, Miriam Ann (1938–2005), editor of children's books
Holland, Joan Mary Crossley- (1912–2005), potter and gallery owner
Hughes, David John (1930–2005), novelist
Hughes, Margaret Patricia (1919–2005), writer on cricket
Ingrams, Leonard Victor (1941–2005), banker and opera impresario
Inman, William Howard Wallace (1929–2005), medical researcher and pharmaco-epidemiologist
Jenkins, (John) Robin (1912–2005), novelist
Johnson, Douglas William John (1925–2005), historian
Johnston, Sir John Baines (1918–2005), civil servant and diplomatist
Keatley, Patrick Crawford (1920–2005), journalist
King, John Leonard, Baron King of Wartnaby (1917–2005), businessman
Knatchbull, John Ulick, seventh Baron Brabourne of Brabourne [known as John Brabourne] (1924–2005), film and television producer
Kossoff, David (1919–2005), actor and broadcaster
Lambert, Joyce Mildred (1916–2005), botanist and ecologist
Lane, Geoffrey Dawson, Baron Lane (1918–2005), judge
Large, Sir Peter (1931–2005), civil servant and campaigner for the rights of disabled people
Law, Sir Horace Rochfort (1911–2005), naval officer
Lawton, Harold Walter (1899–2005), soldier and French scholar
Leach, David Andrew (1911–2005), potter [see under Leach, Bernard Howell (1887–1979)]
Lings, Martin (1909–2005), scholar of Islam
Luke, Frederic Davey [David] (1921–2005), German scholar and translator
Lympany, Dame Moura (1916–2005), pianist
McCrum, Michael William (1924–2005), classicist, headmaster, and college head
Macgregor, (Janet) Elizabeth (1920–2005), cytologist
McIntosh, Angus (1914–2005), linguistic scholar
Maddox, Conroy Ronald (1912–2005), artist
Manton, Sir Edwin Alfred Grenville (1909–2005), insurance underwriter, art collector, and philanthropist
Marre, (Romola) Mary, Lady Marre (1920–2005), voluntary worker and public servant
Marshall, Sybil Mary (1913–2005), educationist and author
May, Pamela (1917–2005), ballet dancer
Meadows, Bernard William (1915–2005), sculptor
Medawar, Jean Shinglewood, Lady Medawar (1913–2005), campaigner for family planning
Miall, (Rowland) Leonard (1914–2005), broadcaster and television executive
Mill, Robert Duguid Forrest Pring- (1924–2005), scholar of Catalan, Spanish, and Latin American literature
Millar, George Reid (1910–2005), special operations officer, author, and farmer
Mills, Sir John Lewis Ernest Watts (1908–2005), actor
Mobbs, Sir (Gerald) Nigel (1937–2005), property developer and businessman
Mogotsi, Pearl Cynthia Connor- (1924–2005), actress and theatrical agent
Montefiore, Hugh William (1920–2005), bishop of Birmingham
Morgan, Philip (1930–2005), United Reformed minister and promoter of Christian unity
Mowlam, Marjorie (1949–2005), politician
Muir, (Isabella) Helen Mary (1920–2005), biochemist
Norwood, Melita Stedman (1912–2005), spy
Obote, (Apolo) Milton (1925–2005), prime minister and president of Uganda
Orme, Stanley, Baron Orme (1923–2005), politician
Page, Sir Frederick William (1917–2005), aircraft designer and industrialist
Painter, George Duncan (1914–2005), biographer and bibliographer
Paolozzi, Sir Eduardo Luigi (1924–2005), sculptor and printmaker
Parrinder, (Edward) Geoffrey Simons (1910–2005), Methodist minister and scholar of comparative religion
Philips, Sir Cyril Henry (1912–2005), historian, university administrator, and public servant
Pitt, Sir Harry Raymond (1914–2005), mathematician and university administrator
Plaschkes, Otto (1929–2005), film producer
Porter, Sir Leslie (1920–2005), businessman
Ratcliffe, Derek Almey (1929–2005), ecologist and conservationist
Rayner, John Desmond (1924–2005), rabbi and liturgist
Reger, (Esther) Janet (1935–2005), lingerie designer
Ridley, Dame (Mildred) Betty (1909–2005), church administrator
Robinson, John Ebdon [known as John Ebdon] (1923–2005), planetarium director and broadcaster
Rogers, Sir Frank Jarvis (1920–2005), journalist and newspaper executive
Roll, Eric, Baron Roll of Ipsden (1907–2005), economist, public servant, and banker
Rotblat, Sir Joseph (1908–2005), scientist and peace activist
Rothschild, Dame Miriam Louisa (1908–2005), naturalist, entomologist, and conservationist
Sadie, Stanley John (1930–2005), musicologist and music critic
Sandbrook, (John) Richard (1946–2005), environmentalist and campaigner against poverty
Saunders, Dame Cicely Mary Strode (1918–2005), doctor and founder of the modern hospice movement
Scott, Margaretta Mary Winifred (1912–2005), actress
Scott, Sir Nicholas Paul (1933–2005), politician and businessman
Seldon, Arthur (1916–2005), economist
Selwyn, Victor (1917–2005), journalist and literary editor
Sheppard, David Stuart, Baron Sheppard of Liverpool (1929–2005), cricketer and bishop of Liverpool
Smieton, Dame Mary Guillan (1902–2005), civil servant
Smith, Leslie Charles (1918–2005), industrialist and toy manufacturer
Southwood, Sir (Thomas) Richard Edmund (1931–2005), ecologist and university administrator
Spender, (John) Humphrey (1910–2005), photojournalist and artist
Stammers, Katharine Esther (1914–2005), tennis player
Stewart, Lorn Alastair [Johnnie] (1917–2005), television producer
Storey, Graham (1920–2005), literary scholar
Swan, (Richard) Kenneth (1919–2005), tour operator
Thould, Anthony Keith (1930–2005), physician and rheumatologist
Timpson, John Harry Robert (1928–2005), broadcaster and writer
Todd, Ronald (1927–2005), trade unionist
Tomlinson, John Race Godfrey (1932–2005), educationist
Trapp, Joseph Burney (1925–2005), librarian, historian, and literary scholar
Treadgold, Mary (1910–2005), children's writer and radio producer
Tripp, William John Charles Spencer [Jack] (1922–2005), comedian and pantomime artist
Trotman, Alexander James, Baron Trotman (1933–2005), industrialist
Tyndall, John Hutchyns (1934–2005), political activist
Tyrrell, David Arthur John (1925–2005), virologist
Walker, George Patrick Leonard (1926–2005), geologist and vulcanologist
Walsh, Kathleen (1911–2005), actress
Warner, Sir Jean-Pierre Frank Eugene (1924–2005), barrister and judge
Warren, Eleanor Catherine Rutherford (1919–2005), cellist
Weschke, Karl Martin (1925–2005), artist
Whitehead, Phillip (1937–2005), television producer and politician
Whyte, James Aitken (1920–2005), Church of Scotland minister
Wiles, Maurice Frank (1923–2005), theologian
Williams, Sir Glanmor (1920–2005), historian
Wimbush, Mary (1924–2005), actress
Winskill, Sir Archibald Little (1917–2005), air force officer
Woof, Robert Samuel (1931–2005), literary scholar and museum director
Wragg, Edward Conrad (1938–2005), educationist
Wright, Sir Denis Arthur Hepworth (1911–2005), diplomatist
Wright, Sir Edward Maitland (1906–2005), mathematician
Ziman, John Michael (1925–2005), physicist and philosopher of science